It begins!
(That wasn’t so hard, don’t know why I waited so long…) Hm,

what's this do?

Ah, it’s nice and blue. Wish I had someone to quote or something to link. And this one:

monospace text?

Cool. Let’s see: Opal, 1920’s style death rays, and pie. Alright, I’m ready – off to GQ to ask about echoing ducks and -gry words and complain about the speed of the boards…

Welcome to the Message Boards, kenensky, good luck.

The PHP tag does more than color text blue. It color-codes various PHP keywords, operators and constructs. Take a look at this code fragment, part of another bulletin board package I work with:

elseif ($outputtype=='file' || $outputtype=='show')
{	if ($contenttype=='text')
	{	$mime = 'text/plain';
		$ext = '.txt';
	{	$mime = 'text/html';
		$ext = '.html';
	if ($outputtype=='file')
	{	Header('Content-Disposition: filename=topic');
		Header("Content-type: application/octetstream");
	{	Header('Content-Disposition: inline');
		Header('Content-Type: '.$mime);
	Header('Expires: 0');
	Header('Pragma: no-cache');
	echo $output;