Ah rather then start a new test, I will just carry on in yours TYVM :slight_smile:

[RIGHT]test[/RIGHT] test test



Okay now to figure out the nifty xing out stuff and all that

**:confused:[sup])[/sup] **

** :)[sup])[/sup] **

** :p[sup])[/sup] **

. :frowning:

** :mad: [sup])[/sup] **

Shouldn’t a testy thread be posted in the Pit?

OK - so th quote goes there. Good to know. How about a smilie… :eek: what about if I TYPE: :eek: ??

OK color: RED BLUE

Font Size1?? Font Size3?? Font Size7???

Hey how’d you do the word bubbles in the smilies??

:wally: comes with “Putz” already in there and can’t be edited. I don’t believe any other smilies have speech ballons, and I’m also pretty sure none have custom messages. That would be cool, though. . .

err, that probably doesn’t help you as much as it could have. : wally (without the space) will give you :wally

The ballons are made with the Webdings font, but to put text in them, one has to use less elegant solutions:
…| …ASCII!..|

{Del} text {/Del}

(using brackets of course)

This [del]doesn’t[/del] does work! Thank you

To find out how someone did what they did, just click on the “reply” button. You’ll see their post, including all the VB codes, inside the QUOTE tag. (Unless it was in the QUOTE tag to begin with, in which case I have no idea.)

Woah…neat one, GIGObuster.

Why, I’m speechless! **:eek:[sup])[/sup] **

And that’s a great way to screw with people–do something fancy in a quote tag, and they can’t see how you did it.

This is a test of quick reply.

This is another test using the not so quick reply.[/COLOR]