Tetra Easybalance Plus with Nitroban - for aquariums, what do you suppose...?

There is a porduct Tetra Easybalance Plus with Nitroban - for aquariums. Tetra’s site claims Serves as a nutrient for denitrifying bacteria that consume the oxygen releasing nitrogen from the aquarium. It has been a long time since I studied chemistry and microbiology but I don’t understand. (Some hobbyists claim it is snake oil and doesn’t work at all.) If it works what do you suppose the product might contain?

Bump to see if the weekend crowd has any thoughts on this.

Perhaps you should have read the first paragraph:

“they nourish beneficial de-nitrification bacteria that convert nitrate to harmless nitrogen gas.”

They’re either confused or bullshitting, since nitrates are not a great danger to fish, and can be controlled by water changes. The site claims the product “completes the nitrogen cycle,” and appears to be aimed at people who think they’re too busy to change the water.