Texas A & M -- abbreviation?

What do the “A” and “M” stand for, in “Texas A&M”?

Agriculture and Mechanics, i think

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Close. Agricultural and Mechanical. Then again, I’m all paranoid now, so maybe I should look it up.

wow, was that quick. thanks.

Yep, I was right. From http://tamusystem.tamu.edu/history.html :

A&M is a land grant college. In the 1860’s the fed govt gave each state 10,000 acres of fed land to use/sell and start a publicly funded agriculture and mechanical school. prior to that there were no public colleges to speak of. Agriculture and engineering were the logical practical fields.(AH ain’t payin mah taxes to teach some namby pamby litertyoor) Every state now has at least one land grant college some have state land grant as well. and there were some for the, uh, ‘coloreds’ Now to my fellow Texans. I see that A&M as well as you, and I know all sorts of things it means, but lets show some class and wait till after the funerals at least.

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…and that’s why they nickname themselves as Aggies.


“Aggies” is a tip-off that the campus you are visiting might once have been an A&M, even if it isn’t called that today.
New Mexico State University comes to mind.

What happened to the Mechies?


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they got jobs as engineers.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

Sick joke department:

They call them that because they harvest those logs and then mechanically configure them. . .and then it’s all as easy as having a log roll off you.

That’s strange. After the log-pile tragedy the British newspapers reported it with the abbreviation explained as Agriculture & Mining (rather than Mechanical).

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