Texas again proves it is the asshole of the US

:::Hijack::: have you ever been to the Bush Mountain ridge? I never have, but on a topo map it looks like it might be even more spectacular then Hunter Peak and a rival to Guadalupe Peak. I’ve never been there because it looks pretty out of the way and I never visit there outside of the summer where it would be hard to lug as much water as I’d need to get there. But I always go to Guadalupe Mountains National Park when I go out west since it is the first thing worth seeing on the way from Florida and is a good way to ease into higher altitudes.

That’s because we’ve been infested by liberals fleeing California and Yankeeland due to economic issues caused by failed liberal policies. And they want to infest us with their liberal stupidity.

To put this as bluntly as I possibly can.

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Did you read post no 18. “Texas does not decide merits of a matter during an interlocutory appeal” seems to me to be a viable ground to grant Certiorari.

If they had restored the stay, then they might have had an argument.

Damn right, Cobra Kai wannabe.

To most of us Californians, Texas is just another red flyover state. A state that gave us Bush and Johnson isn’t worth thinking about.

By the way, you’re a liar.

Is California’s economy ‘growing a hell of a lot faster’ than Texas?

If California’s a ‘bad state for business,’ why is it leading the nation in job and GDP growth?

Then explain Kansas, dumb shit.

What I’ve heard is that Kansas sucks, Texas blows, so Oklahoma is windy.

I hate the ruling, I hope it gets overturned soon. I don’t know the legal standing of it, but I know the moral standing is crap. I love a lot about being in Texas but I do hate a lot about our government leaders.

But I’m (very cautiously) optimistic that the Resistance to Trump and the Republicans in Washington will also affect politics here and we’ll hopefully marginalize the regressives.

I remember when Obergefell came through and everyone celebrated, and some people seemed to think that everything would be okay now, and I remember thinking that there was still a lot of work to do, but I wasn’t saying that during celebrations since I didn’t want to be a Debbie Downer.

Yeah I’m bothered by people focusing all their ire on Texas and the south, because it makes it easy for them to ignore a lot of bad stuff in their own states. There’s LGBTQ discrimination that’s legal in a lot of the states still.

Also some people might not realize that the law that the Supreme Court ruled against was put in place by our lesbian mayor. Houston also has one of the biggest gay pride parades in the US. I can sometimes forget that the state overall is behind because I’m somewhat in a progressive bubble in Houston. And I know a lot of those progressives are fired up and are working in various ways to get things overall more progressive.

Moral standing is crap? You think the Court should have kept the stay on granting benefits to same sex couples?


Sorry, badly worded, obviously same sex couples should have the same benefits as everyone else, it’s a no brainer.

The key to identifying which Texans are assholes and which ones are okay is surprisingly simple. If they believe it is important now that Texas was an independent republic for a few years and/or believe that Texas retained the right to secede as a requirement before agreeing to rejoin the US following the Civil War, then they aren’t worth wasting your time. A minority of them are like that, but they make up for being few in number by being obnoxious.

Which is in fact the outcome of yesterdays’s ruling.

No. Sorry. Sound interesting. I’ll have to google it when my back quits screaming at me.

No one is interested in your “facts” on what the ruling “did.”

Every say more stuff about how bad it is so we all know how virtuous you are!!!

Whats your Lawyers view on the matter?

This is what I would expect from a slavery apologist.

Wow, you know how to do big fonts. Whoopee. It’s a shame that all you posted with your awesome big fonts was bullshit.

But what the hell, it was good for a laugh. Keep bringing the funny.

Ah - that explains the stupidity of your previous post to me. You live out in Granola World. Says it all.