Texas car thieves try to steal vehicle with police detective sitting inside

:smiley: They deserve the prize for stupidest criminals yet. :smiley:

This story brightened up my entire week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Texas has freezing weather? Really?

Frost on the windows? Really?

Yes, really. It was 22 F. in Fort Worth, Texas Tuesday morning.

I believe there were freezing temps in all fifty states, including Texas, Florida and Hawaii, this week. Fairly rare occurrence even in hard winters, I believe.

In most cities the cops have to look for criminals. In Haltom City, they have drive-thru service; you can pick them up from the comfort of your car.

I live in one of Houston’s northern suburbs, and we’ve had hard freezes twice this week.

ducks out to play the lottery

Thanks for the learning, always appreciated! But this Canadians image of Texas (never been!) is a tad tarnished now, I’m not going to lie!:smiley:

Here in San Antonio, we actually had freezes this week. Well… close to it, with temps getting down to 34-degrees F. I couldn’t grill outdoors once, and it’s not even December!

“In Texas, criminals look for you.” …nah, doesn’t work.

Here in Chicago, 34 degrees means we might put shoes on when walking out to the grill. I sure didn’t put a coat on to make a steak Tuesday night. I prefer charcoal but times like that make the Weber gas shine.

Enjoy them… you probably won’t see them again until 2017.

(Houston is so warm that my Dad grows citrus trees in his backyard. Not in pots, mind you, but just in the ground. And they’re something like 7-8 years old now and thriving- he just harvested fifty some-odd lemons off his two dinky Meyer Lemon trees, and usually has that many or more Mandarins each year, and his calamansi lime (Phillipine lime) tree just produces fruit non-stop around the calendar.)

Seriously though… the average winter low in DFW is around freezing, and we usually get a couple of cold snaps where the temp is in the mid-low teens or even lower each year, along with a few days of ice and/or snow each year. Granted, the week of sub-freezing temps that coincided with the Super Bowl a few years ago was really out of the ordinary, and that’s why we were so unprepared. Usually it’s like that for a day or two, not 9 days straight.

I saw this on the local online paper. I don’t know TX law (& am too lazy to look it up) but in some/many/most states it is illegal to have the front door windows tinted over x% because it hampers the driver’s vision. The biggest offender of this locally; undercover cop cars. :smack:
I’d laugh to see a good lawyer get them off/reduced because it wasn’t a street-legal car because of the tinted windows.

Stand close to the grill, it’s a good heater; you don’t even need a jacket on.

Cops with a degree in Economics don’t hunt criminals, but they believe that criminals would turn themselves in if they were paid enough.

Those guys need to look for another line of work…
Yes,it freezes in Texas… I’m east of Austin and we’ve had cold weather for too long and freeze warnings 2 nights. However,it’ll be 70ish tomorrow

If tarnish is all it’s got on it, it’s still unrealistic. :stuck_out_tongue:

As to weather–yes, we do get winter weather down here. We tend to get ice-storms rather than snowstorms. The precipitation is liquid during the fall, then freezes when it spreads out on impact, and makes thick, mostly clear coatings of ice on stuff. Makes the roads even more dangerous.

Somehow, this surprises me not at all. People are stupid all over, but it seems like there is a whole bunch of stupid in Texas.

Houston actually gets several instances of <32F every winter on average. leading to panicky announcements on the local media about the need to protect “plants, pets and pipes” (leading me to wonder about the extent of shoddy housing where pipes are not insulated against a common occurrence). And hard freezes outside the immediate downtown heat core are not unusual.

Growing citrus is risky around Houston unless you grow hardy varieties like satsuma oranges that can handle temps well down into the 20s.

I just got back from a trip to Dallas, where I “enjoyed” several days of high temps in the upper 30s-40s and even a light dusting of snow (not out of the ordinary for a Dallas winter, but not expected in mid-November when average highs are in the 60s).*

*it is well to remember that there are no real “average” weather days in Texas, but instead a wild vacillation between extremes.