Texas CPA Application of Intent. HELP (Certified Copy?)

The Texas CPA Exam Application of Intent requires a “certified copy” of an identification document. Acceptable documents include Driver’s licenses, passports, school ID, etc. What does this mean? What is a certified copy and how do I get it for my Driver’s License?

Take a photocopy, and present it, along with the original to a person authorised to certify copies. Here in Australia, that’s a Justice of the Peace (they are usually bank managers, pharmacists, doctors, etc. It’s a free service). In the States, I don’t know. He or she will stamp the copy (or place a handwritten note on it) to the along the lines of “I certify this to be a true and correct copy of the original sighted by me”, and you’ve got yourself a certified copy.

I’m talking to a Texan now online. she’s a 911 dispatcher and is currently taking a call. When she’s free, I’ll ask her if she knows about who to see in Texas.

Sounds like a Notary Public. However, I don’t think Notaries can certify copies of federal/state documents. I’m so confused.