Texas Dopers-- Watch your mailboxes!!!

This movie is coming our way.


According to the article

4 billion people have seen it? Not that I am suspicious of this claim, but only one person that I know has seen it. He said that that it is “pretty good for a Jesus movie”.

I don’t know what to think here. Should I be happy that only 3% were swayed. Or should I be concerned that 128 million people chucked everything on the basis of an 83 minute movie?

A co-worker lives in one of the areas that is due to get the video this week. I’ve asked him to lend it to me when he does get it. However, if anyone sees me in an airport selling flowers, please just shoot me.

Does anyone else, upon looking at the billboard pic at the top of the article, expect the guy playing Jesus to suddenly whip out an acoustic guitar and start singing the greatest hits of the 1960s?

Whatever their (coughinflatedcough) success rate in the past, they won’t be converting the resident pagan at my place. I sense large expenditures to (fortunately) little effect in the offing. Rest assured though, Adam, that I will respond appropriately if I find that you have been brainwashed by this tripe.

I’ll kidnap you and haul you off to psiekier’s to drink booze and watch “Army of Darkness” until you recant. :slight_smile:

Hey! Free tapes! Almost as good for copying stuff as the old AOL 3.5" floppies! :slight_smile:

I’m with Gunslinger. I can always use a free tape.


If you film it…they will watch.

I was SO disappointed when they went to CDs. Now I have to actually buy floppies, when they used to just grow wild in my mailbox.

Well, my co-worker came through. He got the video in the mail yesterday and brought it in for me today. I’ll watch it tonight and try and post a review tomorrow.