Texas Hold 'em Poker Fans? This Is Cool Gizmo!

I happened to run across this today.

Time to make that Christmas list?

I have something very similar to this. It’s called “a deck of cards and a box of chips.”

Seriously, if everyone’s sitting in the same room together, why would you want to play poker on the TV? Shuffle up and deal, for god’s sake!

Wouldn’t it be cheaper, and more portable to use cards? I can only imagine what would happen if you tried boarding a train or plane with that thing.

OK, OK…I said it was a Gizmo…

“Dad, there is this cool new Pong game. Can I have some quarters? Please! Please! Please!”
“You have a ping pong table in the basement.”

>>DMark once again shuffles off to the basement, ridiculed for his love of all things gadgety<<

I can see how it would be more fun in a party atmosphere, especially for people who want to watch.

Yes…yes, I agree, that would be best. Skulk in your dark basement, gadget boy! I SAID SKULK!

This is actually similar to an idea I had: an electronic poker table the size of an octagonal poker table, in which everyone inserts their money, and the table, which is a flat-screen monitor facing up, deals the cards (each player’s cards are protected from the view of others by a shield placed on the table), keeps track of bets, winnings, etc. and pays out to each player at the end of the night. It could be programmed to play any standard poker game with any standard betting scheme.

After much thought, I decided it was a bad idea. I still think it’s better than this one, though.

You shouldn’t have thought so hard, and instead, gotten a patent. They actually have a few new tables that look exactly like what your are describing, at a few casinos on The Strip here in Las Vegas. I have seen them at Stratosphere, Luxor and I think the Tropicana. Sort of a big monitor table with chairs around it. Six chairs around the monitor, but doesn’t require all six to play. I tried it and some other guy was sitting there. You put in your money and the next deal, magic hands deal the cards around the table and you play against the house. I didn’t play long, but doubled my money. The other guy won as well. We both said it was kinda cool.

Then he came with me and we went to my basement and played ping pong, and afterwards, we got naked and skulked together.

Aw maaaaaan, I never get invited to the naked skulking.