Texas-Houston Landfill problem?

One aspect of dealing with the flooding has to be the enormous amount of debris that will be generated. Can’t imagine local landfills will be adequate, to say nothing of the logistics of picking it up and transporting it. Where will all the debris be taken? Can it be burned after drying out?

Ever been to Texas. It’s huge. There are over 1000 landfills in Texas. A city the size of Houston produces an enormous amount of waste each week, this diaster will just be a slight bump in average month. They do have a plan, it’s not like this is the first time they have had a disaster.

hurricanes normally blow down lots of trees so they have to deal with those too. some of the wood is turned into woodchips or mulch

Um, landfills are big holes. They just flatten it down each day to reduce the amount of airborne pollution leaving the site.

So they can just throw more or less in as it comes…

Most of the debris will be vegetation will will generate methane next year. Its actually a profit making excercise.

Dont know about Texas, but in Florida the landfill I’m familiar with is all piled up on flat ground. Locally known as Mount Trashmore.

Don’t we need stuff to build a wall?