Texas judge denies mother custody because she's Church of the SubGenius member

As the Rev. Ivan Stang puts it, “We’re suddenly in the news, for all the wrong reasons.” http://revstang.blogspot.com/2006/02/were-suddenly-in-news-for-all-wrong.html Sister Mary Magdalene (Rachel Knight), fiancee of the Church’s business manager, Steve “Jesus” Bevilacqua, was denied all contact with her son after the natural father presented Judge Punch (honestly!) with proof of her participation in CotSG events. See also:



(They later retracted the characterization of the Judge as Catholic; it’s not clear what his denomination is.)

Rachel did at least get permission for supervised visitation, on 2/28/06 – see her blog: http://rbevilacqua.blogspot.com/

But there is a silver lining, according to Stang:

I’m amazed the ACLU or a young whipper snapper lawyer looking to get a name for himself by some pro-bono work haven’t picked this up and ran with it.

See also ““Bob’s” Most Dutiful Servants in Desperate Straits – You Can Help” – http://revstang.blogspot.com/2006/02/bobs-most-dutiful-servants-in.html

The ACLU has perked up it’s ears, so to speak.

(Scroll towards the bottom to see this part.)

That’s a lotta money, I guess they expect they will have to fight tooth and nail. It’s not surprising though, custody battles are VERY costly. :frowning:

BTW, Mods, is MPSIMS where this kind of threat belongs? Because somehow it didn’t seem quite right for GD, or the Pit.

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Heck, that even makes me want to join those clowns.

This judge is just about the pinkest man who ever lived.

Just wait 'til the Stark Fist of Removal gets 'im.

We don’t need to wait.
Well, at least I don’t.

I am authorized by “Bob” to smite at will.
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That’s well beyond Pink and into Agent of the Conspiracy territory.

In the early ninties, after I bought and enjoyed High Wierdness by Mail, compiled by Ivan Stang, I wrote to him about Fred Phelps and his “church”. They would have fit right in with the chapter “Groups You Love to Hate, But They Probably Hate You More”

This was before Fred was so notorious. Stang wrote back, and told me it would be fun to write a letter, that went something like this. Dear Mr. Phelps: I’m a heterosexual male, rich as hell, who had never thought of donating to, or supporting gay rights. But after a person in Topeka Kansas sent me some of your faxes, I just wanted you to know that the gays and lesbians here in Dallas are going to be $10,000 richer." Stang said that of course it was all false, but it would be fun to mess with Fred’s head.

I wish I could say that I’m shocked that a judge in my state (in my part of the state, too) would be so bone-headed. Alas I’m not particularly impressed with family court judges anyways.

Of course, before anyone gets the idea that one must be a judge in a backwater part of a state to be boneheaded, I’ll just say that I can point to at least one far worse travesty, going off the top of my head.

[Soup Nazi] No slack for YOU! [/Soup Nazi]

The judge is an ass, to be sure. Rachel has my sympathy, not being able to see your child is a terrible thing; I’ve been in that situation.

OTOH, Stang, Bevilacqua et al. having been working very hard for a very long time on being just as outrageous and offensive as they can possibly be. It looks like they finally accomplished their purpose, as the judge seems very offended. I am ordained in The Church since 1995. I’ve been to devivals. I sometimes still visit the website. But you know what? The Church itself is pink. Stang and Co., and all the catch-phrase spouting little subgenii out there need to remember the most important thing “Bob” taught us:

Kill “Bob!”

Wow! I had no idea that’s what went on with the subgenius folks.

That’s awesome.

Oh, yeah, sucks about the kid, hope they get him back.


It’s not currently a debate, but if you’d like to frame one, I’d be happy to move it. Otherwise, just as general discussion, this is fine for MPSIMS.

Here is a good law review article discussing some other custody and visitation restrictions based on religion, or lack of it, among other things: http://www.law.ucla.edu/volokh/custody.pdf (pdf)

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