Texas To Give 1920's Style Death Rays To Blind Marksmen. Film At 11, DOOM At Midnight


Texas has taken that last, long step off the cliff.

They are arming blind men with Lasers, to go hunting.


The whole Dick Cheney hunting accident thing was just a field test for this, wasn’t it?

Mental Images–a small child, dressed as Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer runs along a rural road, on her way to the Xmas Pagent, little suspecting that Dead-Eye (literally) Dick is lying in wait behind his Hunting Blind (literally), just round the bend (literally)…and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer goes down (literally) in His-Tor-EEEEEEEeee…!

it’s even better:

In order to use a laser sight, you have to prove that you’re legally blind

I’m flabbergasted. Is this for real? Or has My Way News started filching from The Onion?

I thought April’s Fools was supposed to be in April!

If them Texans have decided to come over to the Hispanic side, then the Innocents is on this month, but not until the 28th.

Um. This is…a good idea how?
I understand “having rights”, but would you let a blind man drive? Wou;d you even let a blind man eat salad with a fork by himself?

Can a blind man operate a machine that has millions of spirally, zig-zagging metal blades? Well, if such a thing existed, a blond person probably couldn’t use it.

This is a serious issue here. Somebody has to shoot those damn deer otherwise they get into everything. Why not let some folks who otherwise would never get a chance to become involved in such an important community service give it a shot?

Because now the blind hunter’s partner, the spotter, will at least have some vague idea where the bullet will hit. Before, it was anybody’s guess.