Texe has gone too far this time

Just read.


And yet they all spoke English. Not like Babel at all.

I find it funny that the two Christian guys were “claiming” to be as such, but the author took the other astronauts beliefs at face value. As if the Christian guys weren’t truly Christian.

I also find it funny that this guy would make Judiasm evil for teaching that “Jesus is a bastard burning in hell” (whatever) while giving the Jewish story of the Tower of Babel some modern-day credence. Whatever, dude. He should just stick to the New Testament.

I suppose these nuts could make the same argument about the WTC.

Of course they weren’t Christian. We all now know “Virtually everything that NASA does is permeated with magic and alchemy.”

Thanks for the link, vanilla. That was a riot. Amazon.com goes biblistic. I think that site is the first current use of “Moslem” I’ve seen. Not only are the Illuminati out to get him but Israel and the Arab world are in cahoots.

Read this one:

Apparantly, in a secret ceremony, the moon was claimed for Freemasonry by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, both Masons.

It is plausible. Future astronauts brought up go-carts (yes, Shriners are freemasons).

What a pile of wank.

I have seen weirder things on the net, but not by much.

Damn…this dude be whack.

vanilla, where did you first hear about this moron?

As it turns out, the answer to all of these is no.
Please send another 19.95 plus shipping and handling, and receive the next tape in the series “The Masonic Conspiracy and my Muffler Repair Bill: The truth behind Midas”

I’m guessing she heard of him in the same place I heard of him: the old “Bob Larson” radio show, since 'nilla and I are both olde tyme “fans” o’ Larson.

Bob and Texe are like talking Jack Chick tracts, so there’s a certain fascinating psychotic train-wreck amusement to them. (Bob’s now completely off the air, however (luckily))

And Texe has gotten cranky. He didn’t useta be this anti-semitic. He was more anti-Catholic and anti-Illuminati.


Uh… yeah. :rolleyes:

Reminds me of the “fire elemental” pictures people were hysterical about right after 9/11. Ho hum, some people are crazy.

Amusingly Kennith Hite (a writer in the RPG industry) wrote one of his “Supressed Transmision” articles about Freemasonry and NASA, and alchemy as well. Of course his articles are meant to give you neat crazy paranoid ideas to put into games not to be taken seriously in any way shape or form.

See, he’s participating in the disinformation campaign, here. The shuttle (with its seven astronauts) is really the Seven-Headed Beast of Revelation. NASA is clearly an anagram of SATAN if you add a T…for TEXE!!!

Ignorance (or is that stupidity?) as art.

[Python (Monty)]Oh, sod the moon landing, I’ve always wanted to be a Mason![/Python (Monty)]

So we’re supposed to believe that God whacked this shuttle mission out of the sky )because it angered HIM) even though all other shuttle missions were successful and this one was not really special or farther-reaching???

Did God not notice the other shuttle flights or moon landings?

He has a wee hours show Mon morn on TBN- usually showing him casting out demons.

A couple of years ago, I looked at a few Texe books (I collect Conspiracy Lit) but just couldn’t shell out the $$$ for that tripe -
but I was amazed he was buying into Gail Riplinger’s KJV-Only theory that modern Bible translations were deliberately equating Jesus & Lucifer by translating Isaiah 14’s ‘Lucifer’ passage as ‘Morning Star’.

Last week I got a Texe mailing advertising his book on PLANET X
AND lots of anti-Jewish materials. THAT indeed was a change!

Actually, I first found Texe’s books in my local library.
The first was something like Mystery Mark of the New Age.
It was good too, for those (like me) who believe the Antichrist will rule for 7 years and such.
Then, years later, I found his web page.
He’s losin it, getting weirder as time goes on.
But it IS kindof “entertaining”.
I look forward to each months “ideas”.
BTW, the photos of him are from years back.
A recent (few years ago) mailing I’d gotten shows him much heavier and white haired.