Text boxes copied into Outlook create a 2meg email! Help?

We want to send an email that is a basic ad for some new courses at the school. I created 4 text boxes in a square formation in Word. 1 with school logo, 1 with the address, 1 with the English version, 1 with the Czech version. On screen in Word it looks great! But moving it to an email…big problems.

Just selecting all text-boxes and copy-pasting them into the email creates a 2meg to even 10 meg file. Can’t email that around. Grouping them and trying to paste special as a jpeg causes the font to be all fuzzy and hard to read.

I tried going to a pdf then into the email, which also screws the font up.

Can’t send as an attachment. We want the email to open up and BAM! There is all the info neatly laid out, just like on our screen in word.

Any ideas?


Code it as html.

Sorry, I might be the only one here who doesn’t know how to program in html…but I assume I can save it as html, then attempt it.

Will try. Thanks-


Be careful about just going into Word and using the “Save as html” option. Word puts a whole shitload of crappy non-standard code into its HTML conversions, and you often end up with a whole lot of odd or out-of-place characters on the html page.

Sorry to be boring, but it’s much safer to send it as plain text. Otherwise it’s impossible to tell what it will look like on other people’s screens. They won’t all be using Outlook; many of them will have HTML turned off if they have any sense at all.
Include the fancy graphics as an attachment, or, better still, host it on the web and include a link.