Text message display problem (Wordle related)

My wife and I play Wordle daily and text our results to each other. On her phone, the messages (both sent and received) display properly with the gray, yellow, and green blocks. On my phone, only the gray blocks display - both green and yellow blocks display as little boxes with an X in the middle.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that both of us have Android phones and are using the same messaging app (same version too). We do have different phones - I have a Moto z3 and she has an LG ThinQ. Also I think she is an Android version or two ahead of me.

I looked at settings in the messaging app to see if maybe I had a different font setting or something, but everything looks the same settings-wise. Anything else I should look at?

That’s probably the reason.

Interesting… today I had my wife send me her Wordle results in Facebook Messenger instead of texting me, and it displayed properly.