Text Messaging DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!!!

I must preface this by stating that we have the cheapest, most basic Verizon cell phone plan…with the cheapest, most basic phones you can get. Other plans/phones may work differently.

Me via text: I need to know where the checkbook is…I have to pay my child-support today.

Her: no reply

Me via text (2 hours later): Please! Where is the checkbook? I need to pay my child support today.

Her: no reply

Me via text (2 more hours later): Look, I know you’re angry with me…but I really need to know where the checkbook is, I’m leaving to pick up my kids and I have to pay my child support.

Her: no reply

Me: goes to bank and withdraws $500 cash

Her (10 minutes after): I see you withdrew $500 from the bank…going to spend it on booze and whores I’m sure!

Me: I asked you where the checkbook is, you didn’t answer.

Her: Yes I did. Enjoy your drunk!

Fast forward to later that night…

Me: I only took cash out because you wouldn’t tell me where the check book is.

Her: I sent you a text telling you where it was, (and this is the important part) but YOU DELETED MY MESSAGE.

Me: ???

Me: I never got that text…and HOW would you possibly know if I deleted it?

Her: Because, on my phone, there is a little red X next to the message. That means you deleted it.

Me: no…sweetie…that means the message never went through. it means the message wasn’t sent. it means sending failed.

Her: NO! That means you deleted it without reading it!!!

Me: No, honey-buns…that means the message failed to send. We have the .99 cent plan on Verizon…we don’t get fancy stuff like that. I could delete your message…piss on it…set my phone on fire and mail it to the Pope…and you would never know…you’d still have that little green check that tells you “all is good…you’re off the hook…you sent the text message…and it went through. Coddled man got his instructions”

SO! We did an experiment…

Sitting at the kitchen table…

Me: Send me a text right now.

Her: Fine.

oh…she was so smug…

Me: ok…got the text (subject:“drunken liar”…but I digress)

Me: So here is my phone…here is your message…now look at your phone…do you have a green check mark next to the message you sent? Yes? Good? I’m deleting your message without ever reading it. We’re in agreement here, right? this is what you are accusing me of doing? This EXACT scenario?

Her: Yes…you’ll see…it will change to a red X indicating you deleted my message.

Me: No, buttercup, it won’t. You see, the green check means the message was sent successfully. The red X means it was not. Nothing more.

Argument continues well into the night…

Me: So do me a favor…check your phone. Still a green check mark next to that message we experimented with earlier???

Her: Yes…still a green check

Me: See? It has nothing to do with me deleting your messages…

Her: Well…on MY PHONE…when a message is deleted…

Me: WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…on YOUR phone???

Her: Yes

Me: Isn’t THAT your phone???

Her: Yes.

Me: Isn’t this MY phone???

Her: Yes.

Me: Gah!

You lost me at the end. Maybe you could finish the story.

Wow. The issue of whether a text message is deleted or not seems to be the least significant issue in that whole episode.

So… why you deleting her messages without reading them?

Spending the child support money on booze and whores? Shame on you! :mad:

But seriously, I HATE getting into an “energetic discussion” with someone who is certain they’re right and can’t be convinced otherwise; not because they’re right, but because they can’t grasp the technology.

The smug look as they explain why I’m wrong and they’re right can make it difficult to remain civil. You have to struggle to keep from being reduced to screaming over and over “!t doesn’t work like that!”

Thanks Guys. Just had to rant a little.

Yes, the text messaging is the LEAST significant issue. Its just a symptom of the bigger problems.

Not sure if you’re serious Joey P…but that is the end of the story…she told me "it works “differently” on her phone…yet we were taliking about her phone.

And…Astroboy14…point taken…Thank you.

Thanks davidm…I don’t know how many times I said those words last night…“It doesn’t work like that!!!”

X I bet you deleted this too!

At this point booze and whores sound like your best option frankly.

Well, the follow-up experiment is to have her compose another text message and deliberately not send it. Should have a red X next to it. However, now that you’ve both slept on it, maybe it’s better to let it drop. :slight_smile:

You both sound like lovely people.

Well, you sent her multiple texts asking where the checkbook was…why did she attempt to reply only once? She should have grokked that her first message didn’t get through if you were sending her more texts asking about the checkbook again.

  1. Find your checkbook and keep it with you from now on.
  2. Get a separate bank account that your GF/wife doesn’t have access to.
  3. Booze and whores.

Something needs deleted, and it aint a text message.

Why didn’t you just CALL her?

I think you should both be focusing more on the red flags more than the red x’s. But, okay.

P.S. Why weren’t her texts going through?

She thought he was drunk. For all we know, he was. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because then you’d have to get off the lawn.

You know, that’s the best point in the whole thread. Why don’t people have actual phone conversations? Hell, I text so seldom that I don’t even have a text plan. It’s cheaper to just pay for the three or four a month that I use.

Actual conversations are much less open to misunderstanding and there’s no question in your mind that they got the message. (Yes, I know there’s such a thing as voicemail hell, but when I leave a voicemail, people usually call (not text) back.

Plus, I can talk a lot faster than I can type.

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