Text notifications for a subscribed thread?

I don’t know at all how the board software works, but would it be possible to program it to allow an instant notification by text for subscribed threads? Right now, I pick instant email notification when I subscribe to a thread, instant text notification would be much better, in my opinion.

First avatars and now you want texting? This board is geared way too much towards teenagers. Not everything has to be about millennials.

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I know you’re trying to make some sort of joke, but don’t threadshit.

Our software currently is not set up for texting. I do not expect this to change at any time in the near future.

Someone familiar with programming should be able to figure out a way to do this. Can someone here figure this out for the OP?

From my reading it looks like the following would work: It looks like the cell phone companies offer email to text facilities:

For example suppose you have a Sprint account:

So it looks like if the OP were to change his email address at Straight Dope from something like dalej@gmail.com to 1234567890@messaging.sprintpcs.com then the first 160 characters of the email message that Straight Dope sends out would be texted to his phone.

Anyone want to test this?

Yeah, that works. I’ve done it before to send my wife a text when I forgot my own phone, and done it to send links to my phone. For AT&T, it’s your number @mms.att.net

Assuming it still works, it looks like you can use Google Docs (specifically calendar) to send SMS messages to your phone for certain emails. You might play around with this to roll your own SMS notification system.

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What might break with a 160 character limited message?
If you’re subscribed to multiple threads would you know which one updated in the first 160 chara?
You wouldn’t get all of a PM notification message but not a big deal as you could just go onto the board to read the message.
What about password resets; does it give you a link to reset your password if necessary & if so is that link w/in the first 160 chara?