Texting between US to Canadian phones

If someone with a US phone number sends a text to a Canadian phone number, does that typically incur any extra cost beyond normal texting rates at either end of the transaction?

The assumption is, the US phone is in the US, and the Canadian phone is in Canada.

It depends on the mobile plan, really. If the sender’s plan has some kind of international texting option (as in, all of North America for a certain rate), then it shouldn’t. If not, oh yeah and the charges can rack up fast, if you’re not careful.

When I travel to Canada, text messages from the states to my personal (roaming) phone cost me extra money. It’s been a year or so since that’s happened to me, though…I don’t remember the details.


as I understand it, only the sender will incur any additional cost for sending internationally; but this probably varies from carrier to carrier