Texting taxi driver-- what to do?

So, I just got a cab ride home from the airport, and the taxi driver kept holding his cell phone and typing stuff into it WHILE HE WAS DRIVING. Even on the freeway onramp! Seriously!

Luckily the ride was only like 10 minutes long, and when I got home I wrote the taxi company and complained. But, when you’re in the car, what do you in a situation like this?

I’d start by politely but firmly asking the driver to put his phone away. Did you start there?

If he didn’t comply … I dunno, can you call the cops? Not fun being in a car that’s getting pulled over, I’ll grant you.

Relax and enjoy the ride. These people are professionals. They know how to text while driving.

Tell him to stop.

If he doesn’t stop immediately, tell him you will file a complaint with his employer.

If he doesn’t stop after that, look around inside the cab for the company’s phone number; call them right now and tell them what’s happening.

Machine Elf nailed it.

I hope you’re being funny. Nobody knows how to text while driving - everybody is a hazard on the road when they’re paying attention to things that aren’t their driving.

I’d start by taking pictures* of him texting, his cab license, the cab number, whatever else, and complain to his company later (if he didn’t stop doing it while he was driving me - I don’t want to end up wrapped around a tree because of his law-breaking).

*I always have a little camera in my purse.

If you are not kidding, then hang up and drive!

Ask any LEO haw safe it is for ANYONE to text and drive. Or ask any EMT, or ER doctor, or any Wrecker driver. IME it is at least as dangerous as drunk driving.

This. Although I do not have a purse. My phone has a camera. The police will also be notified just as if he were drinking and driving!

I also would have him just let me off at the first safe spot if he refuses to stop texting. I will walk a long way before I will ride with a drunk! A texting driver is at least as dangerous.

Take out your phone and start rolling video. Demand the driver stop texting, if they fail to then demand the driver stop the car to let you out. Regardless of the outcome, complain to the cab company and whatever form of taxi and limousine commission has jurisdiction over the driver. The phone number should be prominently displayed near the driver’s ID badge.

Driving a taxi requires a commercial license with a passenger endorsement. It doesn’t matter if you’re in some hick town that doesn’t have texting and driving laws, texting while operating a commercial vehicle is a federal offense carrying up to a $2,750 fine for the driver and up to a $11,000 fine for their employer. I know for a fact semis and tankers and busses are included, I’m not 100% sure if taxis are. It’s still dangerous as hell.

I hoped I was being funny too.

Poe’s law strikes again. :smack:

To be fair, I thought your comment was funny and I didn’t take it the least bit seriously. I was too busy posting while driving to do so.

It would have been funnier if I wasn’t running for my life from distracted drivers every time I go for a walk. :slight_smile:

Share the road!
Okay, I’m done… :slight_smile:

Is he breaking any laws where this occurred? I know there are still lots of places where texting and driving is not illegal.

“If you don’t like the way I drive, stay OFF THE SIDEWALK”.

I found the remark funny (and yeah, Cat Whisperer, you were whooshed!).

That said: Concur on taking photos and asking him to stop, though of course it’s too late for that now. But report it to the employer and whatever local taxi commission there may be. This guy needs to be up on disciplinary charges at the very least.

I have only one response to you - take that!