TGIF silly mundane mistakes

Here’s mine.

Pull up to Shipleys and the lady comes to the order window. She looks at me and I order a ham, egg, and cheese croissant breakfast sandwich. Nothing, no response at all, she’s still looking at me. :confused: I repeat the order and there’s still this blank stare. Then I realize my door window was still up. :smack: It’s amazing how much better things went after I lowered it. :smiley:

You have any silly, dumb stuff that you did today or recently?

A few years ago I left a store, stood between a couple of cars parked in front, and pointed the keyfob at my car, parked across the street. I pressed the unlock button as I crossed the street, but nothing happened. By now I was standing at the driver’s door, pushing the button, and looking at the lock button which stubbornly refused to lift.

(On the side of the street I’d crossed from, a line of cars had gathered at a red light.)

I peered into the car, and saw some magazines on the front passenger seat. I’d never seen those magazines before, and wondered how they got there. Then I looked to my left, at the car parked in front of this one I was standing at.

Yep. Same color and model of Volvo. I pointed the fob at it, and it unlocked.

Then I saw the woman in a car waiting for the light, laughing at this bit of street theater.