TGS with Tracy Jordan

Okay, this may be a really stupid question, and maybe everyone else knows the answer but me…

*30Rock *is about a tv program called TGS. The star’s name is Tracy Jordan. It took watching many, many episodes before I realized that TGS prolly doesn’t stand for “Tracy Jordan Show.” So what does it stand for?

The Girlie Show.

Watch season 1 again. It used to stand for “The Girly Show”, because whatsername was the star and Tina Fey’s character was the showrunner. Then ratings sag, and they bring in Tracey, and the show’s name doesn’t make sense.

Was the whole cast female before Tracy?

Nevermind. That impersonator guy was on it, too.

It was still a mainly female cast.

Jenna Maroney.

Okay, thanks. I’ve never seen the early seasons.