Th integration of psychology and theology.

Can psychology and theology be integrated?

Please explain your question more. Do you mean for instance, can belief in the divine and supernatural be explained by psychology?

I know someone who studied Buddhist psychology at Naropa University, is that what you’re getting at? But it’s more of a world-view than theology in my opinion.

Well, if you look at a lot of the field of Occult Magick, what you find is a sort of primitive Psychology with superstitious and theological trappings.

On OP, if you tried to do it based on the thinking of Conservative Christians or Muslims, you’d end up with hella abusive crap just as if you based it on political ideology. Psychology based on the ideas of Sin and Guilt - God says X is True, therefore any thinking to the contrary is Mental Illness - is seriously terrifying.

Otherwise, another vote for “Just what exactly do you mean in your OP?”

There are religious-based psychological counselors, if that’s what you mean. (Look up, for example, “Christian counseling.”)

In the same sense one could “integrate” engineering and religion, I expect.

“Pray to the Engine and it will run more smoothly !”

“But Master, it’s not working !”

“Pray HARDER ! It is your lack of faith that weakens the Engine !”

In other words; one could tack on religious rhetoric to psychology, and pretend that religious claims are psychological facts; but the end result won’t ever be anything better than a pseudoscience. Psychology, being a science ( if a somewhat soft one ) is innately incompatible with religion; trying to mix the two will either destroy the religious components when they are disproven, or turn the “psychology” into a religion with fake scientific trappings when faith is allowed to trump fact.

For what it’s worth, a quick Google reveals that there is such a thing as the Journal of Psychology & Theology.

It’s called Transpersonal Psychology. And yes it connects theology to psychology. It’s been around 40+ years William James, Freud and Jung all played a part of it’s formation because they needed something to explain belief in a spirit…Books have been written about this…