Thai Students in Michigan Protest Restaurant's Name

Story here. Rather an odd situation.

Hah. I don’t know. I think the students are getting their panties in a twist about nothing, but I don’t think the name is even that clever. What is No Thai even supposed to mean, assuming No is a name?

Don’t need a tie to eat here?

I suggest the place change its name to RO Thai.

Vote Mai Thai

I don’t read it as offensive or meaning no Thai people allowed–I read it as no Thai food is available there… Asian food, but not Thai food.

And isn’t his name Noe? How about Noe’s Thai?

These people* have too much time on their hands.

*meaning the people in the story, not one specific ethnicity or group. Jeesh, it’s hard to talk these days! :slight_smile:

But the owner’s point is that it’s some kind of clever word play that becomes apparent when you know that No is a name. That doesn’t make sense to me, any more than “John Thai” or “Hazel Thai” would. :confused:

Could be? The political correctness of this country is appalling.

Even worse, near the end of the article:

So this is nothing more than a case of a couple offenderati looking for things to be upset about. Move along, nothing to see here.

If he serves drinks, I would go there to Thai one on.

I hear they’re pretty casual. You don’t have to wear a neckthai.

Seriously, much ado about nothing. Back to classes, people.

I still don’t understand it, but in this city there’s a Chinese restaurant called Chine Toque (the logo is a Chinese chef wearing a chef’s toque). The problem? It’s a play on chinetoque, which is basically French for “chink”. I haven’t the faintest idea how they get away with it (commercially speaking) or why nobody seems to notice. It’s bizarre.

My ex-girlfriend studies/teaches at Rackham. 10 bucks says she’s behind all of this.

Dude, I’ve walked by this restaurant 1,000 times on S. University and never once has the name made sense to me. I find it really strange that someone found that name offensive, though. I always assumed it meant something like, ‘‘you don’t have to wear a tie here!’’ to which I would respond, ‘‘No shit! You’re the restaurant equivalent of a corner deli!’’

These protesters ought to be ashamed of themselves. With the proud historical record of our brave protests, their time would be better spent fighting to ban Coke from our campus. :wink:

My favorite Thai restaurant is the one right next door though, a combination Thai food/traditional diner establishment… a lá Christ. It’s the best place to go if you want eat while thinking about how much the owners love their Heavenly Father.

What’s funny is that that restaurant is getting protested and this one isn’t.


A name that’s supposed to be “a clever play on words” but which doesn’t make sense unless and until you get the explanation is a pretty dumb thing, though.

Offenderati, ok… but heck, I probably would avoid the place just based on having a “bad grammar name.”

Amazing. I would probably avoid this place based solely on this sentence in the review. That is if I could understand where it is in order to avoid it. :stuck_out_tongue:

My Thai wife thinks these students are rather weird.

What about “Beau Thai”?

And then of course, the article says they DO serve Thai food. Haha, THAT’S a real knee-slapper, ain’t it?

How about calling it “Black-Thai Affair.” The sign could feature a black man about to passionately kiss a Thai woman.