Thailand addresses

I recently purchased a steamer basket from a seller on Amazon. The price was $9.41, with free shipping.

The basket arrived yesterday and I was impressed. My package came from Thailand in a flimsy box tied closed with bakery twine. Very cool! The seller paid 247 Baht postage which is around $7.50 US and I assume they paid something for the customs sticker/statement. So, the craftsman made a buck or two for a basket they made by hand.

Looking at the return address label had me wondering how they do things there. Can anyone decipher what the return address means? Any of you there know Veera? If so, please tell her I love the basket! :slight_smile:
(IMGUR is currently being a bit wonky. If you cannot view the pics, click on them to see them full screen and it will work fine)

I’m not Thai, but I go there a lot and have friends that live there, and I’ve asked about this as well.

Here is a pretty good overview. Based on the address, it looks like it is this area:

Bangkok area

I’m sending her a thank you card. :slight_smile: