Thank God I looked up when I did

My Tivo was mere seconds from giving me that “Enhanced Service” crap.

God forgid I get another yellow star at the bottom of my menu! :eek:

I caught it just in time…

Don’t fuck around… he’s gonna try it again in maybe 10 minutes.
I shit you not.

Is there something wrong with this thread or are you really shitting yourself not?

Yep I just shat myself.

Teleworld Paid Program

Kill me now, please.

… and then I passed out

oh god it’s horrible save me

I am so confused right now.

My Tivo orders pizzas when I’m not looking. Anchovies. It gets frigging anchovies on it’s pizza, that’s how I know I didn’t order it. Because of the anchovies.

A lesson in why you shouldn’t put your technological fate in the hands of others.

I think I know what’s going on, but, being one of the un-TIVO’ed masses, I’m not sure.

Please explain.

As one of the not-only un-TIVO’ed but also un-TV’d, I’d like a bit of a breakdown on this, too. (I know what TIVO is, but I thought it just saved broadcast data to hard drive, I didn’t know it interacted with the incoming signal. Heck, I didn’t know television was even set up to receive info flowing back upchannel!)

Tivo always gives me the vibe of “advanced VCR programming for dummies”, targeting the flashing 12:00 crowd.

The only thing about it that seems to have value is the emergence of hard-drive recording over tape recording.

Is there any way to turn off all that enhanced content bullshit? I really hate that.


Hate. Hate. Hate.

I don’t like it one bit.

If you hate it so much, please write a nice explanatory rant about it so we have some idea what you are talking about.

Apparently the Tivo enhanced content has successfully re-programmed the brains of Eleusis and Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy; any minute now they’ll be starting threads titled “TiVo® is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful method of recording television programs I have ever seen”.

I see nothing wrong with my TiVo® or the enhanced content. In fact I love enhanced content. TiVo® is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful method of recording television programs I have ever seen.

You really have to learn to come to the point.


I have nothing to add, except to say that both TiVo and MythTV are built around Linux.

Carry on.

So you would know how to turn the enhanced content off? Please?


Is “enhanced content” the stuff that TiVo records on its own? Stuff it thinks you’ll like, based on what you’ve recorded on purpose?

If so, its logic is seriously flawed. It keeps wanting to give me Friends, That 70’s Show, NASCAR racing, and today it gave me Live With Regis and Kelly, Rugrats Go Wild, and I Spy. WTF?

Sorry. All the sites I came across apparently tell you how to turn your TiVo into a network-accessable Linux box or are lists of codes that don’t address this ‘enhanced content’ business at all.

Here is a list of codes I found.
Access your TiVo remotely, and bring up a shell prompt.