Thank you, Beltronics!

I bought an RX65 Pro for quite a bit more than I expected to pay for a radar detector. It has already paid for itself many times over. Today, spending double for one of the top 3 rated detectors manufactured paid off!

First, there’s a radar speed display sign midway through my commute. I was driving about 5 miles over the limit, and started getting “pings” Normally, I would have kept going at the same speed. But today, the “Threat Display” mode (that’s not available in most models) showed the expected K band, but also an unexpected Ka band. I slowed down, and there was a cop pulling over the hill just as the display came into view.

A few miles later, I was pinging again. I saw a cop who had pulled a car over, so I moved into the left lane. As before, I started pinging on two bands, so I slowed down by about 5 mph. Turns out, there was another cop pulling radar pretty close to the same spot.

Thank you, Beltronics, for saving my bum with your advanced features!