Thank you Chicago Reader & Straight Dope...

Thank you for donating the space for the banner.

You don’t know how much this means to all of us lowly posters.

Thank you for opening your hearts and letting us put that up there! You independent newspapers are pretty dang cool!


Techchick, I was just about to start a similar thread when I noticed yours. They’re my sentiments exactly.

Thanks for the banner space (and, of course, thank you, tech for the banner), thanks for the Wally smilie. It is very generous and sweet of you to do that. It really does mean a lot to all of us. (I guess I shouldn’t make sweeping generalizations - I means a lot to many of us :))

Let me add my thanks. This is very generous and greatly appreciated.

I echo the sentiments. It may only be a banner, but it does mean a lot to those of us that love and miss Wally. And, I have to think it will be a fitting tribute that his family can see with joy.

I will name my first 2 children Cecil just because of this.

Here’s my thanks as well.

I won’t be having any more children so I can’t name those buggers “Cecil” or “Cecilia”, however I probably add some more dachshunds to the brood…

Thank you.

When I opened the board today and saw the banner, it literally made me cry. What a wonderful memory of our Wally.

To the management of the Reader and the SDMB: thank you for magnanimously donating the space for the banner memorial.

And thanks to techchick68 for creating the banner.

Just another ditto head here.

Thanks to all of you who made this happen.

You’re quite welcome, and thanks for the kind words. I’ve passed your comments along to the honchos.

Another thank you, SDMB, cool beans.

Like Ultress, the banner made me cry. How wonderful of the SD and the Reader to do this. The only bad thing is I won’t be able to read the MB without tears constantly welling up.

I remember sitting around chat offering to throw in $5 or so toward the price of putting up a banner in honor of Wally. Then someone brought up the idea to TubaDiva, and she said “It’s on us.”

Totally cool. And cool of you, techie, to design it.

looks good, techchick - and thanks, SDMB

Totally class act, all the way around, all parties involved.

Keep this up and we’ll have to abandon cynicism and go back to attacking Ignorance.

::tip o’ the hat::


TVeblen, you took the words right out of my mouth. But I’ll say it again anyway: totally class act, all around.

Well, let me be the one to register a formal (non-troll) protest against the Wally banner.

It doesn’t do him justice, people. What, a few thousand measly pixels, to represent a lifetime? Because he didn’t start out as WallyM7, you know, like Athena springing from the head of Zeus. It took years of hard livin’ for him to become the Jedi Master of the Putz Rifle that he was.

It should have been an entire Web page, with a mandatory link, that is, before you could log onto the main forums page, you would HAVE to read the Wally tribute, which would include all of his best threads, like “cybersex” and “gerbil”, with animated dancing girls, and excerpts from his best Pit flames illustrated by Slug.

P.S. Techchick, FWIW, I’ve got a computer that’s the slower twin brother of Baloo’s (it’s a 486 with a 2 gig hard drive and Win95), and I’m not experiencing any difficulties whatso-effing-ever with loading times.

Duck, there is a wonderful tribute page for Wally. Opal set it up.

I think it says worlds about how much Wally meant to everyone - it’s not like Opal and Techie and the Reader people are sitting around waiting to do something, they’re all very busy, yet they stopped and took the time to do this. Opalcat - the tribute page, Techchick - the banner, and the Reader - the smilie and the space for the banner - all with no charge. I am, at times, overwhelmed by the kindness and the generosity of these people.

Click on the link in my sig, it will direct you to the tribute page.

Very nice and a huge thanks to SDMB and techchick for the banner. Very classy.

And btw Ed you told me you were the honcho. :slight_smile: