Thank you gift for a Realtor

What kind of thank you gift should be given to a Realtor?

Ours has been amazing. The only reason we even matched up with her was that her company was listing a house we wanted to look at. She called to let me know it was under contract. That one phone call led to us signing up with her. She was on the phone with me for over an hour, answering all the questions I had.

Over the last month, she has been such a huge help. I wonder constantly if she’s always like this or if she just really likes us. She’s so friendly and even brings her dog Eddie when we’re meeting at the new house (she knows we’re both going through doggie withdrawal).
So, everyone says we should get her a gift certificate to a restaurant but that seems very impersonal to me. I want to get her a GPS but everyone else says that if she doesn’t have one by now, she probably doesn’t want one.

I also want to get a gift basket for Eddie and no one disagrees with that.

So, if your Realtor went above and beyond, what would YOU get for her? Or, if you ARE a Realtor, what would you like a client to give you (other than referrals of course).

I would write her an enthusiastic letter of recommendation and be sure to mention her name to any friends who are thinking of buying or selling a house. Offer to let prospective clients call you for your recomendation.

That’s the best present you can give her.

We will definitely be doing that anyway. Definitely. But, we want to give her something else too.

Well, how personal do you need to get? Panties would be personal, but inappropriate, after all. It’s personal enough just giving her a thoughtful gift for working above and beyond the call of duty. I think the doggie gift basket adds enough of a “personal” touch.

I also think the restaurant gift certificate is a fine idea. Who doesn’t like a nice dinner out? It also has the advantage of being consumable (so she doesn’t have to figure out what to do with some object, like a GPS, that she may not need or want) and transferable (ditto).

I would have thought that the thousands of dollars she got from the sale would have been enough. (The best gift would be word of mouth referrals).


Not that personal.
I don’t much like restaurant gift cards in general. In this case, she is more like a friend than a Realtor now, which is why I wanted something more personal than a gift card. But, I suppose if we went with something nicer than your basic chain (99, Applebees, etc), then that would work. Part of my problem is that I don’t much like the restaurants that people generally give certificates to, so I wouldn’t want to get one myself.

Speaking of Applebees, my boyfriend and I want there last night, because he likes it and I was too tired to think of somewhere else. Since when does Applebees have karaoke? It was horrible! It was so loud that we could barely hear each other while the singing was going on and the only two people who were singing were tone deaf! I will give credit where credit is due though. Their mac and cheese was really good.

I don’t know how much she’s getting from the sale, as we’re not the sellers. Whatever it is, it’s not enough.

I’d love to give referrals to everyone. But, I don’t know anyone in the town we’re moving to and while I know people within the same general area of the state, none of them are even considering moving. I will carry some of her cards with me though, in case I hear anyone talking about moving. I’m not too shy to give a card to a complete stranger.

How about going on Etsy and looking for a cool piece of jewelry or artwork featuring a key or a doorknob? [=tags&includes=title"]This]([) is pretty cool. That and a nice bottle of wine would make a neat gift. Unless she doesn’t drink wine. In which case…never mind.

I love [=tags&includes=title"]this]([) piece. The artist has a number of variations on this theme in her shop.

We loved our realtor. I sent her flowers and then gave her a very small gift. I made a CD of happy songs to play in the car when she’s driving clients around (to get them in the mood to buy a house) and a bag of fancy cashews (based on a funny shared cashew experience while house hunting).

I just gave mine several thousand dollars of our money. I don’t think we gave her an additional gift, unless my wife did.

Ahhh, this is what I was wanting! Those are really pretty. I’m going to be browsing Etsy all night now.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this, since I have sold on Etsy in the past.

YAY! Glad I could help!

I was going to second this one–real estate agents seem to live and die by referrals and reputation. But now I’m drooling over that beautiful Etsy silver vine key pendant. It’s gorgeous.

I would never even think of getting my realtor a gift. I’ve bought 3 different properties. They generally get 3% of the sale price (lower on more expensive houses) and an additional 3% if they are representing the seller also. My realtor was harassing me for 10 years about “Upgrading” my lifestyle. He quit bugging me about it when I got thrown out of my own company (he was also realtor for my ex-business partners). I still get Christmas cards from the dude, which I find completely insincere. That said, the purchasing process went swimmingly, so I’ll always recommend him.

A good recommendation is more than enough. Have you completely closed on your house yet? The real test of the realtor is when the shit goes down and major fuckups happen. A good realtor will anticipate any problems and guide you smoothly through the process. If you give them a gift, wait until everything is said and done.

Another why in the world would you buy a Realtor a gift. There job is to be amazing, a huge help, and to go above and beyond. You are paying them thousands of dollar to do this. Seriously, stop the needless gift giving people!

She is the 3rd realtor we have dealt with.

The first was horrible and didn’t deserve his commission.

The second somewhat deserves his commission - but not the extra that my boyfriend agreed to over a year ago (he was a referral who seems to have lost his work ethic). He definitely wont be getting a referral.

The third is just amazing. Neither of us was looking forward to working with a Realtor, especially since we had 5 weeks to find and buy a house, in a market filled with foreclosures and short sales. Not only is she more knowledgeable than any other Realtor we’ve talked to, she’s very nice and a whole lot of fun. She’s a friend now. When my friends do something I appreciate, I give them a gift. Hell, she even offered to help us finish loading up the POD if we’re not done by Monday (she can’t get free on Sunday, which is when we’re doing most of it).

I like to thank people who have helped me. In all the years I worked in customer service I had ONE customer send me flowers as a thank you for a job well done. I didn’t do anything for that customer that I didn’t do for my others. That was about 7 years ago and I still remember the pride I felt whenever a coworker (or boss) commented on my beautiful flowers. Hell, I still have and use the vase they came in.

I believe in showing appreciation for a job well done. Yes, she is being paid for her job. Her job is finding us a house. She did that. The gift is for everything else.

Also, since the commission is being shared with the seller’s agent, and the seller agreed on the percentage, I have no control over how much of a commission she gets. This is my way of showing her that whatever it is, it’s not enough.

Thank your realtor with a gas card. Maybe she didn’t drive you around for 100’s of miles but I’m sure she could use it. (Also a nice card and plenty of referrals.)

Contrary to popular belief your realtor usually doesn’t get the whole selling side split, she has to give some to the brokerage she works under. Some places let the agents keep the whole thing but those agents have to pay huge monthly fees instead.

IANAREALTOR®, but my mother and grandmother are both very successful REALTOR®s and they get a few gifts here and there. Anything is appreciated, but nothing is more appreciated than referrals. Referrals are their bread and butter, and someone who sends them a lot of them is their best friend in the world. And when you find yourself needing a mortgage broker or good plumber, they know the best person to call, and they’ll be more than happy to see that you get taken care of. That is, if they’re good at their job, and this woman sounds like she is.

Really good realtors already have plenty of gift cards to places they don’t care about (gift cards are commonly given out during raffles at open houses), and I guarantee that just about any gift card is going to be regifted either to a client buying their first home or to an individual who sends lots of referrals.

If you must get something, get something for the dog. My mom’s dog is on the business cards, newsletters, christmas cards, and every other piece of junk mail you wish your realtor never sent. A well put together basket of gourmet doggy snacks demonstrates thought, a level of personal understanding, and every time that dog wags its tail for one of your treats, she’ll think positively about you. Get something for the dog.

Our realtor started off great and she took us to probably 30 homes at least, if not more, before she finally found “the one” for us.
We took her and her husband (also a realtor) to dinner and all was great.
During dinner, they both said, “If you ever send any friends to us and they buy a house, we will give you a $300 commission.”

Well, back in those heydays of Las Vegas, we actually sent three people who bought homes…one was a woman with a VERY rich boyfriend/fiance who wound up buying a house for over $700,000! The other two also bought homes for about $200,000 each.

So, the realtor and husband call and tell us they are coming by our house…we’re thinking, “Wow, they want to give us the $300 x three commission! Cool! $900!”


As a thank you, they offered to let us sign up (free) for a new side- business they had - sort of a pyramid scheme using the Internet selling soaps and lotions and herbal remedies, etc. We declined and they were somewhat pissed off. I was pissed off that the original offer was suddenly off the table.

The point of this mini-rant is that realtors are like new hot lovers - they will do anything to make you, and them, happy. However, once the deed is done, like any good golddigger, they will take their money and go home and lose your phone number.

I looooove that key pendant. But is she self-employed or does she have a boss? I’d call her boss and get an idea (plus you get to praise her to her boss, which never hurts), or call the office secretary, who always knows everything. But the key is gorgeous.