Thank you, kitty...

I came home tonight in a fairly good mood, which doesn’t happen often on school/work days.

Then kitty decides to pee on my coat for no reason. Coat was sitting on the bed. Bed seems to be unscathed. I had just cleaned the box, even.

So I found another coat, and went out to spend the evening with the SO.

He drops me off home.

I come home to a huge pile of kitty hork on the bed. Soaking through the comforter, blanket and sheets.

I found spare sheets, but I have nothing else warm, so I’m going to be up for the next hour and a half washing the comforter when I really should be in bed.

Thanks, kitty.

Oh, that sucks. Is this something the cat normally does (peeing and puking on furniture?) If not, you might want to consider swinging by the vet… this could be a sign of some sort of medical issue.

Either that, or you’ve been away too much or changed her food and she’s mad at you!

Oh, and don’t you know the rules? PICS!

And just because I can, here’s my kitty

Second the vet suggestion. Most cats I’ve known that have done their business outside the box have been trying to say ‘something’s wrong - take me to the vet’.

Yes, I should take Wee Puky to the vet, though I have a feeling she’s expressing displeasure rather than illness.

As for the pics, I’ll try later. I’m not skilled, and I’m uncaffeinated.