Thank you Mr. Trump

Again, thank you, sir.

By your actions, and those of your enablers, you have caused many, otherwise right-leaning individuals to move much further to the left.

This is reminiscent of how the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact gutted support for communism in the US and around the world (with directions reversed, of course).

So, thanks.

Ideally we will see a left wing resurgence under Trump.

But even if we do, the democratic party itself probably won’t move left by much. Which means it is up to the voters to use primaries from the left and ballot initiatives to achieve our goals.

I hope you’re right. I mean, there were occasions in the first half of the twentieth century where it didn’t work out just like you drew it up. For example.

But yeah, I really hope you’re right.


Better than that (or worse from the GOP long-term perspective), they seem to have recalibrated the left/right axis in such a way that what was originally center-right is now centrist, and what was centrist is now center-left. All that griping about RINOs and the normalization of the Freedom Caucus/Tea Party as GOP mainstream have shifted what it means to be left/right wing.