Thank you to Lake Zurich (Long Grove) couple for the Dayton tool chest

**You had an estate sale because you were retiring to Naples, Florida. It was all furniture, paintings, and contemporary furnishings except for a Dayton nine drawer tool chest on casters.

I show up and the tool chest is on the porch with a price (well, well, well under $100) and tools were included!

When I was loading it I told the owner that she could have gotten much more for it but she said that she had asked her husband for the price. And you had mentioned that your husband had already taken the things out that he wanted.

Well, if your husband’s intent was to price it so low some guy is going to be really happy, he sure succeeded.:smiley:

I’m going to treasure this tool chest and the things that went with it, (Bonney sockets, Thorsen ratchet and sockets, contour gage,carpenter’s rule,the picks, etc.) for decades to come. I especially like the Bonney feeler gauge and of course, the tool chest.
(I had always wanted a tool chest but hadn’t been able to afford it).

As I was sorting though the tools (which I spent hours on) I often thought about the owner and what kind of guy he is because the tools are so interesting and so varied.

It was like my name was on this tool chest:D

Thanks again and congratulations on your retirement.

Congratulations on the find!! Nice to see tools going to someone who will actually use them rather than just re-sell :slight_smile:

Great find. I find it interesting that tool owners are generally not greedy, and willing to pass on their tools once they no longer need them.

Nice story-I respect people who respect tools. I have a few chisels that my grandfather used, more than a century ago! Hope I can pass them on.

My father has a garage full of tools, you know, the stuff that hangs on walls in varying sizes, all kind of tools and equipment to work on cars. When he passes( and I hope it’s a long time coming, I love my dad) his best friend will get the pick of whatever he wants, then I guess we’ll sell the rest. There’s going to be a ton of stuff.