Thank You to the Moderators and Administrators!

In light of this thread, I’ve come to the conclusion that we, The Teeming Millions, have not been open enough in our feelings for the people who make this place great. You’ve all done such a great job here and I just want to make you all aware that you certainly are appreciated. So, thank you.

The more ass kissing the better I guess…

You are all doing a great job! Keep it up!

The mods. and admin. set the tone for this place and have with of a lot of really great posters made this board IMO the best place on the net.

Thank you , you are greatly appreciated by the vast majority of the posters.

Thank you for not banning me yet.

Seriously - nice job everyone.

kissing ass? That’s one thing that I draw the line at.


Yeah, thanks for taking on a job for free that I wouldn’t do even if I were paid. Y’all are the salt of the earth.

M is for the way they Move the inappropriate threads.
O is for the Order they bring.
D is for their Demonstration of excellence.
E is for the way they Enchance the board.
R is for their Range of important things to say.
A is for the Arrogant people they smite.
T is for the Truth they uphold.
O is for the Opinions they take the time to share.
R is for the Robust energy they bring to us.
S is for the Sucking-up we all enjoy bestowing upon them.

Moderators, we love you!

Well said, Freaky!

Great work guys, thanks! I’d also like to add my support to the tech guys as well.

WTG Freakly. :cool:

Absolutely. You guys are terrific.

Silver, what can I say? I was inspired by their greatness.

I like your verse.
What else can you spell.
Maybe if you spell Cecil, he will appear and thank you.

aha, you are too much. I burst out laughing at that one. (No snottiness intended; laughing w/ you, not at you.)

In seriousness, the excellent moderation of this place is part of what sets it apart from the chaos and inanity of so many other boards. The material and intent of the SD are distinctive, but this place wouldn’t attract and keep so many bright, interesting folks if the mods and admins didn’t keep things on focus and prohibit the inevitable jerks from spoiling it.

A respectful salute to you all.


TVeblen said it perfectly!

This is undoubtedly the best Message Board I’ve ever been a member of, due in large part to the quality of the administration.

You have created an excellent environment here. Keep up the great work!

Okay, time for Tasha to kiss some ass…

I agree with Jeep’s Phoenix and TVeblen. This is the only MB I post to because I find the other ones less appealing due to shoddy moderation. I am glad that the moderators not only have a sense of humor, but execute their position on the boards efficiently. Thanks for being here and putting up with all of the Teeming Millions.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m breathing life back into this thread because I expected more responses. Now, I demand them. :slight_smile: Seriously, hug your moderator or administrator today. And, like Demo said, the tech guys need some love too.

I would do one of the bracket-huggy things, but I think UncleBeer and Alpha might kill me.

So, mods&admins, thank you.

I hope this humble offering of chocolate, ice cream, booze (of your choice), and naked, willing members of your preferred gender will suffice as proof of my gratitude.


I don’t think I can offer naked, willing members of your preferred gender, but…

Thanks, mods and admins, for helping to keep our anarchic Dope Board in shape. In the weeks since I started seriously posting, I don’t think there’s been a single decision by a moderator with which I haven’t agreed.

Well, I missed the fight. Guess I wasn’t at GQ that day.
But it’s always nice to see people kiss and make up.

You don’t have many responses Silver because this has been done a million times in the past, but one more time can’t hurt.
Thanks guys for putting up with us.