Thank You to Those Who Helped Us a Decade Ago

While going through the piles of Stuff that accumulated over the years, downsizing the pile, I came across a series of IM’s and e-mails from people I know from the internet who helped my late husband and me between (roughly) 2008 and 2014 when we were both either un- or underemployed and quite destitute. Some sent money either in general or for a specific project (like the air conditioner we purchased in 2009 which, FYI, is still going and is in use even as I type this) or material items or just best wishes. Some very specifically did not want to be named, but rather to have their help passed on to others.

I thanked you all at the time, and wish to thank you again.

While my spouse is no longer with us, I am gainfully employed at a permanent, full time job, I have health insurance, I have two working vehicles and the means to maintain them, I have rebuilt my emergency nest egg, and am now saving again for retirement. I have moved from Officially Poor to Lower Middle Class. Your assistance, no matter how small it seemed to you, was invaluable in making this possible.

I have also resumed helping others, both by donation of material goods like clothing to people who need it/can use it, helping people worse off financially, and supporting local charitable endeavors (currently, one of our soup kitchens that not only supply food but toiletries, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and other things food stamps don’t pay for), so yes, the favor has been passed on. And I will continue to pass it on.

I know sometimes that you give and it seems to go into a black hole and you never hear anything more about it. Well, this time I’m posting to say… yes, it really did help. And thank you all again.

You’re a classy lady, Broomstick.

Here’s hoping that things continue to get better for you (maybe even to the point where you make it back into the sky). :slight_smile: