Why on a Thursday? Why not do the civilized thing and celebrate it on a Monday (as we Canadians), or even on a Friday?

Because we lazy Americans would prefer to have a FOUR day weekend!

Just WAGging, but how’s this: If you had it on Friday, a lot of Americans wouldn’t be able to pig out (which is what the whole thing’s about, anyway). Until fairly recently, Catholics observed dietary restrictions on Fridays.

And Monday? Who’d want to go to work the day after a feast?

If U.S. Thanksgiving were on a Friday, the first Christmas Season shopping day would be on a Saturday. And the stores are just too crowded on Saturdays!

I was hoping for a more ‘logical’/‘rational’ explanation. Guess some of you are already…in the spirit. My WAG (totally unofficial): To give you ‘a bit more time’ to give thanks.:smiley:

of course, Cecil has the answers…

Amateur mistake. I shoulda known (or at least strongly suspected).