Thanks a lot fuckstick!

Well, that took all of about fifteen minutes.

You decided it would be a great idea to veer your piece of shit car into oncoming traffic, stop there, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision, and proceed to back up across your original travel lane and into your own driveway. “This is the way I do it every night”, you said.

One problem fuck nugget. You didn’t make it into your driveway. Why? Because you didn’t look behind you. You hadn’t realized that the driver in the car behind you was a bit too slow in figuring out what the hell you were attempting with that slick maneuver. Instead, all she could do was provide an impedement along your course of travel…a $35,000 impedement that she had just picked up from the car dealer not 15 minutes earlier.

So, thanks to you and whatever you were under the influence of (the police report only states “drugs/alcohol”), I’ve got a shiny new vehicle in my driveway in need of a hell of a lot of body work, a wife who can’t sleep at night, and a nice big insurance bill because you didn’t bother to purchase any for yourself - “let the other guy worry about it, every man for himself”, right?

Thanks again you worthless piece of shit!

What state do you live in? I hope to god it’s a no fault state. Maybe you can try to return it :smiley:

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I had an incident where my brand new car (less than an hour old) was sideswiped by a hit and run driver.

All I can say is give 'em NO QUARTER.

There is no excuse for driving under the influence. Make em hurt bad in the wallet. What a piece of shit.

Dude, that’s fucked up.

What kind of car?

I’m sure your wife has whiplash. Severe whiplash. No, she can’t feel it now, but any good shark…err…lawyer will tell you that whiplash might not show up right away. wink wink nudge nudge

“Um, when I got it home, I happened to notice that, in fact, this entire side is totalled. Can’t imagine why I didn’t notice it before…”

That really sucks, Photog.

That sucks. Hell, I get bent out of shape when I notice a scratch on my car and its freakin’ 8 years old. I can’t imagine something like that. Hope the wife feels better. It could have been worse, count your blessings.

Believe it or not, in trying to console my wife for the past 24hrs, we have discussed the fact that we both have that exact overwhelming feeling. We just want to take it back and say “This one is broken. Can I have a different one?” Of course we realize that is not an option, but neither of us can shake the desire to do so.

Isn’t he legally liable despite having no insurance? At the very least couldn’t you force him to pay your insurance deductable?

Well, at the risk of being flamed for owning a politically incorrect, urban assault vehicle… 2003 Ford Explorer XLT

I didn’t know there were any states where insurance wasn’t mandatory anymore. If this happened here in New jersey, he’d be butt-fucked. In any case, I’m sure there’s grounds for a civil suit against him, but IANAL.

You lost the receipt, didn’t you? Damn, I hate when that happens.

You know, depending on the insurance you have you may just be able to take it back and trade it out for a new one. Basically the insurance company will not take anything off for depreciation in the first few weeks. I know MetLife Auto and Home does this, it was one of their features they touted when they were trying to get me to buy their unsurance. Give your insurance company a call if you haven’t already.

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen to me all that often so I’m not really sure how this works. It just happened last evening so we’re still trying to sort it out. All we really know right now is…he didn’t have insurance. How that effects us and our pocketbook remains to be seen.

Get a lawyer. Get a lawyer. Get a lawyer.

I cannot stress this enough…get a lawyer.

  1. Get a lawyer.
  2. He’s liable, you just might not be able to get any money out of him.
  3. Your insurance should include something called uninsured motorist coverage, which is for exactly this sort of situation.
  4. Get a lawyer.


This happened in a part of town where the, shall we say, ‘less fortunate’ live.
After the accident my wife asked him to go inside his house and call the police.
“Can’t. Ain’t got no phone…wuz disconnected”

5, 6 and 7 are also, “get a lawyer.”

Thank you all for your support and advice.
Amp wrote: “count your blessings”
We do. The kids (3yrs and 7mths) weren’t in the car and nobody was hurt.
And hey, I can afford a fucking $35,000 car…that’s a pretty good blessing in itself.
And if nothing else, one good thing came of this…I broke 100 posts at the SDMB…Woohooo, a milestone…for me at least…and it makes me feel just the teensiest bit better

Thank you again.
I’ll keep you posted.

you’d rather she was in a Geo metro?

Thank God she was in a safe car.