Thanks, and sorry.

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Like it says up there, thanks. And sorry.

Unknown moderator also rocks.

Bit cryptic…


No problem.

Keep your head up.

Good luck.

I asked for a thread I started to disappear, Shodan.

OK, thanks for the update.


I was wondering what happened to it.

Best of luck with everything!

This isn’t some kind of viral ad for The Adjustment Bureau, is it…?

Lamest pit thread ever.

A lot of us care about you. Please take care of yourself and your son.

You started to disappear?

Best of luck, Darth.

Hey, good luck, dude. Watch out for yourself and your son - little else matters much if at all. Let us know how it’s going, 'kay?

Sending good’uns y’alls way.

I didn’t see it, but I’m betting it has something to do with some of Darth’s previous threads, so I’m actually glad that thread he’s referring to is gone. Legal issues and all that.

I saw the thread in question before it went. I think. Best of luck and I’m glad you have some solid legal counsel. Life is too short to let someone else ruin yours.

Seriously, if you’re going to be this cryptic; just send the appropriate Dopers a PM.


Ah, it was probably the thread about his wife wielding a knife and getting put in jail. I’m guessing there are legal reasons involved.

If that’s indeed it, my best wishes for a speedy and good resolution to the situation for everyone involved, Darth.

WTF, Cat Whisperer…that was kind of uncool.

I thought a spoiler would be good enough; if not, a mod is free to delete my post as always. If we’re not to talk about this at all, I suggest this thread get deleted, too, and Darth talk about it in PMs - if he starts a thread about it on a public message board, people are going to talk about it.

Best of luck to ya. Keep on truckin’