Thanks for calling in drunk today, you stupid fucks!

The day after the Super Bowl and it is a typical busy as fuck miserable Monday at work. But, it seems even busier than normal, I wonder why? Ah, yes, lots of people were ‘sick’ today. Most of them male, ages 25-40. I don’t care how much you drink on the weekend, but I’d suggest looking at a clock and a calendar. The Super Bowl is played on Sunday and you’ve got to be at work on Monday morning. That means you’re supposed to be sober enough to function at 9 am Monday.

Plus, we’re in the Mountain Time Zone. That game was over by 8 PM. Even if you’re drinking non stop during the pregame and game, you should have a fighting chance to make it to work 13 hours later.

Same shit, different year.

They should really move the Super Bowl to Saturday.

They could just delay it a couple of weeks and have it be the Sunday before President’s Day. Or move it up a couple of weeks and have it the day before MLK day.

That is assuming that anyone gets those days off. I sure don’t.

Fully endorse the OP. I went out to watch the Bowl, had my share of ale, but was up at 5:55am and at work half an hour early. If you party hard, you have to be ready to work hard the next day.

Hear, hear!

I didn’t call in drunk today; I just came in an hour later than usual. This is technically okay, since I don’t work a job where I have a defined shift, but it might have been a bit strange to some that I rolled in at 9, as opposed to 8. But hey, I showed up and did my damn job. Please don’t hurt me, dale!

Or make The Monday After a national holiday. That would be okay too. :wink:

Seriously though, be a grownup and either don’t drink yourself into oblivion on a Sunday night, or at least be self-aware enough to plan a vacation day. Calling in in sick the day after the Super Bowl is a frat-boy move.

Does anybody else book holiday for days after events like this? Obviously it’s not a solution for everyone, as I doubt employers would look kindly on the entire staff taking the same day off, but I book holidays around significant drinking days to avoid this happening.

At least 3 of the people at the Superbowl party I was at told me they had taken Monday off. So yeah, they do. But we’re in die-hard Packer country and I’m sorta surprised the whole town didn’t shut down.

I’m surprised that in this economy anyone thinks they can pull the “post-superbowl-calling-in-drunk” schtick and not worry about how it will impact their job. We’ve just started hiring a couple of people, and due to my position I’m one of the lead interviewers, and my employer has thousands of resumes of experienced people applying for perhaps at best 5 jobs.

Few if any would be fired for a single calling-in-drunk, but it slowly adds up in the minds of managers who may need to decide “which one of these folks goes.” Like Andy Grove is reputed to have said, “only the paranoid survive” in this job market.



Long ago I worked two full-time jobs – an 8-hour office day job and an 8-hour evening shift at a restaurant. (By the way, I recommend that you do anything else before doing that for a living.)

Every Tuesday, one or two of the people with the worst, most physically tiring jobs (dishwasher and busperson) would call in “sick” after Monday Night Football. So even though I had been hired for a different role, and I was working 16-hour days and could barely think, I’d get reassigned to fill in for these people “because I was the reliable one.”

I was also being harassed by an idiot co-worker who had a high-school mentality.

After a while, I asked the assistant manager for either more money or some consideration in the assignments. She said turned me down flat and seemed angry I’d asked. So I eventually gave notice I was leaving, and the manager proper called me in and asked, “Is there anything we can do to keep you? You’re the only reliable one.”

At that point it was too late. But the answer, as always, is “yeah, don’t penalize the good employees and coddle the losers.”

[Tosh] I live in Mountain Time [/Tosh]

Yeah, fuck that. I was up at 5am Monday morning, had to get myself and my two sons ready for the day, breakfast, showers, out the door at 6:20, drop them off at school and daycare, race to work to get there by 7:15, work until 5:30, pick up the kids, make dinner, do homework, clean up, bedtime stories, etc…

…bottom line: you make the fucking bell.

…just in time to start posting on the Dope.

It’s all relative.

In other news, 160 people didn’t make it through the field sobriety tests here in SD county on Sunday night. Up 18% from last year’s Super Bowl.

Perhaps calling in “sick” is the new acronym for “I’m really in jail” for DUI.

I coined a term at my office for this: the “Wine Flu”. It was funnier when the swine flu was all the rage.

I’m off today…Tuesday is my Saturday and my only day off. Its also often slow at work so I manage some internet forum time sporadically throughout the day. And since I employ me, I don’t mind.

ETA: unless I missed the gist of your post…you are ribbing me for loudly proclaiming that I’m Super Dad and then immediately turning around and posting on the Dope, right?

Who the hell drinks wine during the Superbowl?
Oh, yeah. 49er fans.:smiley:


Are you really making the claim that Packer fans are THAT picky about their drinks? Cuz I’m here to tell you, that’s just plain wrong. We’re equal-opportunity drinkers here in Upper Wisconsin.

Meh. I have one employee who I just assumed would be out. He surprised me by coming in yesterday. As long as it’s not a weekly thing, I really don’t see the outrage.

I do wish they wouldn’t lie to me about it, though. Seriously, I know what to expect from you on normal days, and I knew what to expect today. Frankly, I’m glad you stayed home instead of coming in grumpy and stinky.

I might feel differently if I were running a retail operation, but then I’d hope I’d have the brains to schedule the non-fans for that day.