Thanks for speeding whatever up

For some reason, in the past, whenever I’d click on my name and bring up a list of my most recent posts, it takes forever for the system to do so, forever as in an unconscionable 30 seconds of internet time! In that time, I could have looked up 15 things on google, watched 6 Vine videos, or posted a ranted.

But starting like 3-6 months ago, I noticed that its much faster to bring up my own posts. Now it takes no more time to load than clicking on any normal link. So whatever you guys did, thanks for that. I was this close to quitting the SDMB forever and now I’ll remain, to the consternation of all! So thanks.

And the glitch where all posts are suddenly marked Read has not been acting up for a long time now either. It’s been running very smoothly.

Sometimes you get what you ask for.

[sub]Don’t get used to it[/sub] :smiley:

I want a Mean Girls-era Lindsey Lohan naked and doing a crabwalk

You, me, and Josh Duggars.

I didn’t know he was twins with himself.

Huh. My auto-correct changes Duggar to Duggars. :frowning: