Thanks for the Advice, It Worked

Earlier this month I posted a rather sad little rant in the Pit:]Here Basically I was on the job hunt and was getting very frustrated with interviews that went no where. I got a lot of good - make that great - advice from many members of the board. I took it to heart, changed my interview style and expectations and I am very happy to say I will be starting my new job on Monday.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who gave me advice on that thread. My interviews after that were much smoother, more pleasant experiences and I know that was because my attitude was different. I owe that change to you and you can take some of the credit for my new employment.
You all do a great thing here. Next time you consider whether or not you should post remember that people do listen to the advice dispensed here and it really does help.

Wow, congrats on the new job. :slight_smile:

For once this place gets something right eh?


Good luck with the new job.

Congrats! Now I gotta go read all the good advice you got! :smiley: