Thanks for the offers, but I no longer need the big rig. I still want the orangutan.

Re: What I need right now is an orangutan and a big rig

First, I want to thank everyone for their kind replies and advice to the previous thread. I would also like to personally thank Anth, Nomey, Falc, and Zenster for their care and open ears on Napster IM, mIRC, and via email. After that, I want to curse the programmers to hell for having the “Clear Fields” button. I just typed for 20 friggin minutes and hit clear fields.

Anyway, things are lookin’ up.

Early in January I got a job with H&R Block answering their Email, making alright cash. It’s at night, which is good for someone like me, however, I don’t ever get a full 8 hours because it’s not completely into tax season yet. So send H&R Block your most asinine questions and comments and concerns so I have more to do!

I haven’t been able to get on the Boards or mIRC alot lately, because of work, and my band’s CD, but more on that one later.

I only got a 1.49 GPA last semester, dragging my already pitiful 2.98 down to a 2.49. Surprisingly, I still qualify for financial aid, so I received a check the other day.

With the excess financial aid money, I was able to pay off about 30%-50% of what I owe to the fraternity, and with a good friend recently elected treasurer, older (biological) brother elected president, and another good friend on the BoD, the fraternity is now quite willing to work with me on relieving my remaining debt.

I own two cars, a nice 90 Z24 that I drive, and an okay 89 Z24 that sits at home, taken apart. With some money kept from the FinAid, I think I’ll have enough money to put the 89 back together. After I do that, I’ll transfer the title to my younger sisters, who, in exchange for the car, will assume about 75% of my debt to my parents.

With this done, I’ll have knocked my debt down to about $1500 or so, quite a bit less than it was just two weeks ago. I’ll still owe my lawyer, but he called me the other day (at real home) so I gotta call him back Monday or Tuesday. Wonder what he has to say? Damn, speaking of lawyer, I need to go renew my license. Tim, quit procrastinating.

I can’t read the boards at work, dammit, but since there’s only 2, 3, or 4 of us working (depending on what night it is) any given night, and no boss or other authority figures present, we are free to goof off, screw around, have fun, and chit chat for hours. Because of this nicety, I’ve got lotsa time to catch up on my reading. YESSS!

My band also released an album today, our first, and hopefully not our last. You can read more about that in the link below (and I hope you do!).


Hell, the only thing I really have to be unhappy about these days is not gettin’ any. Sorry if that sounds shallow, but fuck, I’m 19, and a frat boy. What do you expect? :wink:

Although, I do miss my dog. Quite a friggin lot. Well, I’m going home to fix on my other car sometime next week, so I’ll see her then. I went home last week, but I didn’t get to see her. :frowning:

I’ve started a thread on a Kansas City dopefest that I hope everyone in Kansas City and the surrounding areas will kindly read and respond to. I wasn’t quite sure in the past, but I know now that I’d really like to meet all youse guys over a beer (or 12).

Take care!


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Kansas City Dopefest, anyone?

My band’s CD!

Wow, Tim, I just read the thread you linked to. I’m so glad things are looking up for you.

Congratulations on your new job. :slight_smile:

Good for you, Tim! Sounds like things are doing a lot better. Your big rig thread made me sick at heart to read; I’m glad it’s all going to get better from now on for you. :slight_smile: