Thanks, Grandma! (%&$# Migraine)

I’ve taken my triptan. I’ve taken my vicodin. I’ve taken my florinal. And yet I sit here, in too much pain to sleep, but not in enough pain to go to the ER for something stronger. It has been 18 frickin’ hours and I am out of medication! Go away, damnit! I hate my stupid genes an this stupid condition that torments the women in my family. Yeah, okay, Grandma can blame her Grandma, back unto whomever failed to sacrifice a goat to the goddess of head pain in 400BC and cursed us all. And thanks, too, former boss, for calling me way too early in the morning with your random question and disrupting my sleep, triggering this monster. And a special thank you to Lost, and your addictive DVDs, for causing me to be up late watching you, so I’d be extra tired when former boss called.

Piss. Moan. My head hurts.