Thanks Tampa Dopers

To Brocolli! TruePices and Bear, Thank you for coming out to New World the other night to check out the show and meet. I had a fun time with y’all even though it was a short visit. Congrats to us for having the largest tampa dopefest to date (soon to be outdone by renfest but still…)

Well I just wanted to say thank you and hopefully I can see you all again soon, except for you broc you bastard :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t be there, pez…any chance you’ll make the RenDopeFest?

Possibly. My fiancee and I usually end up going with her parents/grandparents so I am not sure what the plan is. If not hopefully we can all plan something else soon.


Bear and True were very nice people. Although we didn’t spend much time together, the times we had were… :sniffle: sorry, I just get choked up…

Excuse me <runs off the the bathroom>

o.k., better now.

Remember pez, I know where you live (sorta, kinda). Yeah, that’s a sad comeback, I know. It was the only thing I had better than the universal “…uh… Shutup!”

punk snot dead,

I’m just sorry I didn’t get to stay longer. That 90 min drive kicked my butt though. The longest, most boring drive I’ve ever had! But we’ll have to get together again some time soon and do this again. Definitely. Pez and Broccoli! and Bear were all cool… even if I was too shy to walk up to anyone at first (yeah, me actually going up and introducing myself is a big accomplishment! :wink: )

Thanks for the invite, Pez Maybe next time we all get together, we can get more people to come along (hint, hint TA :smiley: )