Thanks to My Canadian Friends

Hi everybody,

I just got an “I’m OK” email message from a friend of mine who was returning from a European trip with a group of friends on Tuesday. Her plane was diverted to Halifax, Nova Scotia when the FAA closed US airspace. She and her party spent Tuesday night and part of Wednesday in an emergency shelter set up at an arena in Halifax until they were able to secure a rental car for the trip home.

Her story of what the folks in Halifax and all along her journey back to Pennsylvania did for their unexpected guests was touching. Every person she met along the way went “above and beyond” to provide help and comfort to the bewildered Americans who found themselves on the ground in a strange place with no
idea what was going on at home.

On their behalf and my own I just want to say “thanks” for everything you folks in Canada have done and are doing for my countrymen (and women) who found themselves far from their expected destinations, confused and scared when Tuesday’s events took place.

So, thanks. Very much.


it is amazing how quickly canada responded. to take in planes from us when no one knew how many were hijacked or what was going on is amazing. i will never forget how canada guarded our back. extremely good neighbours.

You know? I really like Canadians.

Yeah, we’re really great. But keep your hands off our fresh water, K?

Yeah! It’s for us in Chicago. :wink:

Aw, shucks. Thanks.
Now go hug a Muslim! :wink:

Globally, I have always considered the USA to be sort of like an older brother.

Sure - we’d squabble sometimes over fish boundaries and softwood lumber, and annoy each other from time to time over policy issues, but when the chips are down, you know and we know that we can count on each other to be there when needed in times of crisis. No strings, no questions.

It makes me proud to see so many Canadians help in any way they could by offering food and rooms to the world travelers diverted from their destinations. As a nation, I wish we could have done more to help. It was a very small gesture on my part, but I tried make the check I wrote to the Red Cross hurt more than the needle.

My thoughts are with your whole country.

Take Care

Does anyone know if there’s anything going on at the Peace Arch?

Today will be a national day of mourning in Canada, it will be the fourth one since 1940, the previous ones have been for the death of a sitting Governor General (the queen’s representative in Canada and for the death of King George the VI). At ten twenty eastern time there will be three minutes of silence broken by a single toll of the bell on the peace tower and then the bells on the peace tower will ring for a solid minute afterwards.


I came to MPSIMS intending to start exactly this sort of thread. Lo and behold, Zappo beat me to it. (Way to go, Z.)

I've been pro-Canada for a long time. Not everyone has forgotten the way Canadian embassy personnel risked their own necks to disguise and smuggle out of Iran some Americans during the Iran hostage situation years ago.

The response of nearly the entire global community has been gratifying. Thank you all.


What meek said.

We really like you guys. I also think of you as a big brother sort of entity - you bug us, but you’re there to help when necessary.

And, you make us look overly polite. :smiley:

One more thing to add, I walked to work today and I noticed all flags on provincial, federal and municipal government buildings are flying at half staff, and they replaced the Canadian flag at city hall with an American flag.

Many people have friends in Canada who are not Dopers. Perhaps you would like to send them links to this page so that they can read our expressions of gratitude? And they can pass the word to others (maybe even their governments?) that their thoughts are appreciated.

I’ve had an 3" x 5" American flag patch waiting to be put on my flight jacket for some time. My excuses for not putting it on have been: I don’t have a sewing machine (although I know how to use one). I don’t have any blue Velcro so that I can remove the patch when necessary (the jacket is blue). I’ll get to it later.

Today I went down to the dry cleaner’s shop. I left the jacket there and had them sew the American flag patch on the left shoulder. I picked it up around noon.

I picked up a 1.5" x 2.75" Canadian flag patch on a recent trip to British Columbia. It’s small, but it’s the only size I found at the time.

It is now on the right sleeve of my favourite jacket.