Thanks, TubaDiva

Thanks for reopening the self-injury thread. While I was not among those who joined the Pit pile-on when you closed it, I was sad to see it go, as I had been sharing as well as learning. I was pleasantly surprised to see it back this morning.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I agree. I know the best course of action is to seek medical help, but for people who aren’t ready to do that, a thread that reflects on the possibility of getting better can be a help.

I saw this before I saw the reopened thread or the one where its closing was being discussed.

Good news :slight_smile:

One thing I really like about the moderators & administrators here is that they’re willing to remain open to saying “Hmm, ok, I see your point” and rethink something they’ve already made a decision about. That’s really not very common, it’s less wear and tear for people in charge (of damn near anything) to say “I’ve made my decision and moved on, you folks do likewise”. Especially given that even the nicest ways of saying “Hello, we think you chose wrongly over here” are going to be less than complimentary to the authority-person.

I think this is a huge mistake, because, as these quotes suggest the OP of that thread may be, despite her claim, actively cutting; she has also declared that she has no intention of seeking help for what she considers a lurking problem. How the Reader can be okay with hosting this thread is completely beyond me.

Another vote of thanks. It’s tough to openly change your mind. Good on you Tuba and other mods.

We’ve had people with drinking issues, depression issues, anger issues, and abuse issues posting on this message board. Not all of these people were necessarily getting any kind of treatment, or wanting to be getting any. Are we going to start asking people to provide proof they’re under a doctor’s care before they post about their depression, now?

I totally respect you as a poster, EE, but I differ with you here. (Obviously, considering I started this love-fest :))

I don’t think the topic needs to be taboo on this board. It’s certainly an unhealthy practice, both physically and mentally, but it isn’t illegal AFAIK and it’s unlikely to put her in imminent mortal danger. I think it’s cool that she can share that about herself here and receive experiences and emotional support, without anyone condoning the practice or offering medical advice (aside from “you should see a doctor”) or just saying “go away, you fucking psycho.”

Thank you, TubaDiva.

Re-opening the Thread was the humane thing to do.

Then I’m sure you understand that neither of those options are what I’m proposing.

Bosda, can you back up why you think it was humane? And if you mean to imply that those of us who disagree do so for inhumane reasons, I think you should take that to the Pit.

Antigen, do you have a link to a thread where a depressed or alcoholic person says that they reject treatment and have no intention of getting help, then speaks in the present tense about their binge drinking or depressive actions?

Ensign Edison[ol]
[li]I made no insinuations about any other poster.[/li][li]I believe that simply talking about a problem with friendly people can result in someone being more open to seeking professional help.[/li][li]You are obviously looking for a confrontation, to meet your emotional needs, whatever those needs are. I refuse to provide it. [/li][/ol]

A (unfortunately sans -nother) vote for good work - and good points. Sometimes, being humane means providing a merciful pulling of the plug.

I have no idea what you’re talking about, but to start off saying you made no insinuations and then to make such a blatant personal attack on me is outrageous. Answer my points and my argument or don’t address me.

This is not GD, IMHO, or the Pit.

Thread closed.