Thanksgiving dinner for two

May I ask what store this is?

Inspired by this, I started looking up my local stores last night and some of them didn’t have their prices up yet or were for meals for 4-6 people. I don’t mind leftovers, but I don’t want THAT much.

I figure I’ll spend around $35 for my own two-person meal (breast, taters, corn casserole, kid likes rice and mac & cheese, maybe snow peas and cranberry sauce) but it would be nice to have a meal I didn’t have to cook. As I’ve had to cook almost everything every meal every day for the last 7.5 months. I did a small meal last year and it wasn’t a lot of work, but it was work. And then I realized I will almost certainly have to do the whole thing again for Christmas. Sigh.

Some of the stores I looked up do holiday meals but they weren’t on their websites yet. What are you waiting for? It’s 3.5 weeks away! People need time to plan. And I bet with a lot of people having smaller get togethers, pre-made meals are a good suggestion.

I was even going to investigate the Popeyes turkey, but they don’t have their prices up yet.

I do this whenever we have a roast turkey or a roast chicken. I add a couple cut up carrots and a couple of while onions to the pot. A chicken leads to three meals; the third being cut up chicken in the soup with rice or noodles. A turkey would lead to many meals at least two with soup.

Decided it was wisest to stay put this year.
I normally make pumpkin cheesecake but that is quite a bit for just me. But I was talking to a friend and he is doing a turkey and it is just him and his wife and we decided to do a swap. I will give them half of the cheesecake in exchange for some turkey/dressing/gravy. We will do a contact-less swap.


That’s a really cool idea!

We are having a Captain Kangaroo Thanksgiving-Bunny Rabbit, mashed potato ping pong balls and a choice of pumpkin or chocolate Moose.

I scored a 12-pound brined turkey. I always try to find the smallest turkey, and I got lucky. They always seem scarce, and especially so this year. So for the two of us, I’ll roast a turkey and stuffing, make mashed potatoes, and make gravy from the drippings. Mrs. L.A. will make the green bean casserole. It would be nice to have a ‘full spread’, but it’s not worth the effort – and leftover space in the fridge – for just the two of us. (I haven’t made ‘extras’ in years.) Not to mention that most ‘extras’ are carb-laden.

Are you roasting a whole rabbit? Or doing something else with it?

Roasting it whole. We considered capon, but didn’t get the order in time.

Cool! I’ve had rabbit a couple of times, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it roasted whole. I suppose preparing that must be similar to roasting a chicken?

This is the recipe we are going to try: