Thankyou George W. Bush

You took us to war in Iraq on the excuse of WMDs. Right or wrong, I always believed you were looking at the big picture. I gave credence to the idea that birthing a democracy in the middle east, ie, Iraq, would spill democracy over. Well now we have possibilities in Tunisia, some real hope foir Egypt and all the money in the middle east couldn’t support a dictator. And , even strong non-democratic regimes like Saudi Arabia are shaking in their boots. I gave Reagan credit for the fall of th Soviet empire based his prerequisite programs. I give Bush credit for what’s happening today.

First, I was like :dubious: and then I had to :rolleyes: but suddenly it came to :o so I :smack: and after a good :smiley: I feel :cool:

Wow. I disagree profoundly with the sentiments expressed in the OP, but this isn’t GD so I’ll leave it there.

And I’d like to thank Daniel Boone for giving this great country the spirit of adventure it solely would have lacked without a coonskin cap and a time slot every Sunday at 7: 6 Central.

Ooooh – ooooh, say can you seeeeeeeeee…

Easy for you, a Canadian, to say, as you don’t have to deal with the effects of his domestic policies. :rolleyes:

Yeah, Regan deserves credit for the fall of the Soviet Union. His speech on the Berlin Wall really sent them a message.

All Obama did was give on lousy speech in Cairo calling for democratic reforms in Muslim countries. There is no way that had anything to do with what happened in Egypt.

I would like to give the credit to Mr. Rogers, for teaching us all how to stay positive, wash our hands, and be good neighbors.

Probably be more appropriate to thank Julian Assange. Or maybe Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.


As I predicted here.

If you voted for him in 2004, there’s no excuse. Regret now is meaningless.

LOL Wut?

Re the OP:

Look up Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

I give the rooster credit for making the sun come up, too.

Ehhhh… I give the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples the credit for what’s happening today.

Wait a minute: Reagan did what, now? If the OP isn’t a whoosh, somebody needs a beatin’.

Wow! I wish I had just a little toke of whatever the Flying Dutchman was smoking or drinking when he made that OP.

The OP is giving Regan credit for the fall of the Soviet Union during his term, and then in the next sentence he’s giving Bush credit for something that happened during Obama’s term.

Sarcasm is hard folks.

I heard this talking point on a third string talk show earlier this evening. It was abandoned pretty quickly as too foolish even for them.

The right wing is really having a tough time figuring out the spin for this event. Just this morning they were portraying Obama as a weak appeaser who was giving Egypt to the radical Islamists. They’re really at a loss.

Not sure what exactly it was that Bush did. Demonstrate it was possible to leave office and still avoid a war crimes prosecution?

Look around, democracy doesn’t work so good when it’s foisted upon people.

It’s hard for any country, with no history of it, to get it right. Usually they have no familiarity with opposition, etc.

It works best when it’s hard fought for, by the people of the country.

But then, lots of people knew that when GW Disaster undertook his foolish endeavor. But then my opinion of his motives are quiet different from the OP’s.

If there is a legacy of his leadership it’s; “Never let the son of an oil baron, lie you into a land war in Asia, suspend habeus corpus, condone torture (what a shameful chapter of america’s story), or deregulate wall street till the world economy teeters on the brink of collapse.”

(Even if he seems like he’d be a fun guy to have to your BBQ!) He may think, in the fullness of time, history will be kinder to him. Just one more thing he’s wrong about. It’s only going to get worse. Even Republicans can’t be fooled forever, I believe. I predict, within a generation, no one will even own having ever voted for him.