That aluminum feeling

What the hell. I put a couple of pieces of pizza on a piece of aluminum foil then placed it in the toaster oven. Ten minutes laater I took it out and all the cheese had melted onto the aluminum foil. I took a fork and scraped the cheese off of the foil and ZOWWWWWWWANNNNNGGGG. Ugh! I can still feel it in my fillings ten minutes later.

What the hell causes my body to go into complete shock just because I scraped some aluminum foil with a fork? It didn’t even make a sound.

Sh*t. Aluminium. That’s one word I always misspell no matter how many times I look it up. Mods, feel free to change the title. TYVM

You spelled it right, wishbone!

Cecil addressed this in one of his columns:

(I’d summarize, but frankly it’s a little too high-tech for me to really be able to rehash in a pithy sentence or two.)

Aluminum is the US spelling. in the UK and Australia, it’ aluminium, pronounced al-yoo-min-ee-um. As this is an international board, either spelling will do.
(Even that weird American one) :wink:

MsWhatsit, the Cecil column has to do with the pain one gets when one chews aluminum foil. Wishbone apparently just scraped some with his fork.

Wishbone, was it a texture thing? I know for me I cannot stand to touch etched/frosted glass. The texture makes me feel all weird and I have to rub my hands together to make the feeling go away. It doesn’t affect my teeth though.

Are you sure you didn’t chew on the foil? :slight_smile:

Positive. That I would understand because the aluminum would be in direct contact with my teeth. I didn’t even touch the aluminum, I scraped it with a piece of steel. It sent shivers down my sides and I could feel it resonating in my teeth and all of my joints. An odd feeling. Try it, you’ll see.