That Andy Milonakis kid is not a kid!

I was listening to the radio today when they were talking about how crappy his show is. I’m not a huge fan, but I figured it was pretty creative for a teenager. Imagine my surprise when I found out he is 29 years old. Did everyone else know this?

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Holy crap! I’m not a huge fan, either, but I’ve known about him since the skits he did on the man show. I guess it makes somewhat more sense now knowing he is in fact 29, but I’m surprised nobody in my group of friends seems to know this fact.

Are saying he’s the Man Show Boy? I don’t think that’s the same “kid”.

Aaron Hamill played The Man Show Boy. He has just turned 17 years old.

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Interesting. Just last night I was looking at something about worst movie role models and it mentioned Fagin from the movie Oliver!. The picture of Fagin also had the Artful Dodger, played by Jack Wild, in it. At the time Wild was 16, but hardly looks older than 10. And, he was close to 20 when he was playing Jimmy in HR Pufnstuf. Some people just look young.

Turns out he’s got some weird disease that keeps him from aging. Currently, the folks at MTV are pressuring him to keep it hush-hush. But remember that song “The Superbowl is Gay?” That was him. Here’s an article around the time he did that.

Well, I’ll be damned. I thought they were the same person. Shows how much I’ve seen either.

Based on the Wiki article, Milonakis made recurring appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel is credited as a creator alongside Milonakis on the Milonakis Show.

mobo85, who has Bruce Lees on his head

So… which is the guy that stood outside the corner store in a boy scout uniform, trying to convince people to buy beer for him? Or the kid that set up the sidewalk stand and sold beer for $0.25?


I put a cite in.

Do you know what kind of disease he has that would make him look like that?

If it was The Man Show, that was Aaron.