That big POT plant [Marijuana] thing in California

Just south of me, they found 50,000 pot plants & its been on the news all over the country by now.

I have a couple questions.

One, they used to burn the pot plants to get rid of them; but not anymore [or it seems]. What do they do with them?

Two, they say the street value is now $120M.
How do they figure that out? Is that what the growers get for it? Or do they add up what the growers get & all the dealers down from them get until the stuff is smoked?
IE: Grower Sells come for $100,000, next dealer sells & gets $200,000, smaller dealers split that stuff up, get $300,000
Thus, that would be worth $600,000

Anyone in the know on this?

I don’t know about the disposal method.

For calculation of street value they use the ‘inflated wild ass guess’ method.
A mature plant is said to have about a one pound yield.
They multiply that by the local going rate per ounce, usually in the range of $150-$400 per ounce. (price varies depending on quantity purchased, and quality)
If they want a higher amount they can calculate the cost broken down as quarters, eighths, or whatever.

So, 50k lbs, times 2400 a lb, equals 120m.

I’ve seen photo’s of ‘massive’ local indoor busts, where they got two mature plants and fifty seedlings a couple of inches high.
Street value, $166,000. Haha.

$120 megabucks? Typical drug-enforcement industry bushwa! I don’t know how it is in Humboldt Country (or wherever), but in the Bluegrass, the usual rate is about $1000 a plant at the grower’s level. Still, $50 million is nothing to sneeze a —aaaa-choo!

I think they still use a substance called Paraquat to dispose of marijuana plants. One of the nasty side effects of Paraquat is that while it takes a little while to kill the plants, if the plant is harvested in the meantime it makes the smoker violently ill.

I think it is assumed that one plant yields one pound of street dope. This of course is complete bullshit, except possibly in Humboldt, where the plants supposedly grow nine feet tall. A typical hydroponic setup or backyard effort is likely to yeild something closer to three or four ounces.

Then there’s the quality factor. Humboldt is renowned for producing the very highest quality domestically grown cannabis in the continental United States, but the particular strain of plant is as important in determining the product’s quality. A field of Sonara Dirt Weed grown in Humboldt will still be dirt weed. Nevertheless, it will be assumed to be much more valuable than a brick of the same crap snagged at the border.

All of this is irrelevant in the light of the horrible demise of fifty thousand intrepid little miracle plants that will some day feed you, clothe you, lubricate your automobile, and cure you of cancer. Not to mention it’s remarkable ability to make network television at least modestly interesting.

I wonder why the cops don’t do this for bank robbery. After all, the bank could have loaned tha money to someone.
Let’s see; $2,000, @ 18.5%, over 5 years…

Work like you don’t need the money…
Love like you’ve never been hurt…
Dance like nobody’s watching! …(Paraphrased)

Okay, I got some info. First as its a wilderness, they can’t burn the stuff [lol, think that everyone would be stoned for miles] anyway, so they bury it.

If I knew where that was, Id have a shovel out in a minute…

Hey! I got matches!!!

Oh, damn. That urinalysis thing always bumps me outta jobs I’m truly qualified for.