That *#$%@!! Bush! Why I oughta.....

“Anything’s possible, my friend. But, there are many conceivable explanations for a lack of memory other than desertion.”

Such as?

“If you were a juror, would you convict a defendant based on the ‘evidence’ that nobody remembers what happened?”

Absolutely. If the main issue is whether the person showed up for an 18-month committment (which, incidentally is quite a different thing than not remembering a particular incident — an obvious point which you completely missed) where there were literally hundreds of potential witnesses to remember him (and where, as a jet pilot, he would have certainly cut a most conspicuous figure), where he was the son of an ALREADY famous man and where he had a strong track record as a charmer unafraid of playing of his father’s connections the fact that no one remembers him showing up is intrinsically quite damning. Remember, we’re not talking about one person forgetting the fact that he was there. We’re talking about the fact that EVERYBODY is supposed to have forgotten he was there.

Occam’s razor dictates that the simplest explanation is that he simply never showed up. The only other possible explanation is a conspiracy of silence. Are you claiming a conspiracy of silence?

“Furthermore, the presumption ought to be that if he had deserted or gone AWOL for months, he would have been disciplined.”

Nope. First, he was politically connected up the old wazoo. Second, he was transferring from the National Guard in Texas to the National Guard in Alabama as part of his CONTINUING military obligations. Using Occam’s razor once again, the simplest explanation is that he didn’t show up for his committment and, either because of bereaucratic inertia or because no one had the stomach to make a fuss, the matter was dropped. The rich, powerful and connected do get to play by a different set of rules than you and me.

Look, if there’s on thing I’ve learned in my life is that you can’t convince someone of a point if they’re dead set against getting it. They’ll just come up with one tormented rationalization after another until you get tired of them and go away, after which they’ll decide that they won the argument. Look, Junior, unless you come up with something that doesn’t fall apart after five seconds worth of critical thinking, I’m not wasting my time. I’ve made my case. It’s time to go on to other pursuits. Ta.

braintree’s attitude aside, he does have some valid points. For instance, Bush transferred from Texas to Alabama. Records from Texas after that refer to that fact. Inquiries from headquarters about Bush’s status imply they think he is still fulfilling his requirements at Ellington. Why would they ask about his status at Ellington if they knew he was serving in Alabama? This indicates some confusion at headquarters over Bush’s actual location and status.

Possible explanation: Bush transferred (i.e. left Ellington), but failed to report in Alabama. Records somehow misplaced his status. I assume the AFB in Alabama would have been expecting him (received notice he would be transferred in). When he didn’t show up, they sent word back to headquarters. Someone at HQ didn’t follow up properly. Either records were misplaced, or communication broke down in some other way. They tried to verify Bush’s status at Ellington - was he completing his duty there? Ellington CO said no. Why didn’t anyone follow up more closely? Records lost. HQ confused on his location.

Alternate scenario includes influence by his father preventing HQ from following up.

With missing records, it is hard to prove he didn’t show up. Thus the lack of pursuing the issue. Plus the possibility of political influence affecting decision to pursue the issue.

The only appropriate forum, Dex, would be entitled Dumber Than Dirt OPs. But, I guess you gotta work with what you got.

BTW, I am referring to the content of the posting with the expression OP. NOT THE POSTER!

Let’s go through it.

“Hitch which his father landed him.”

Uh, no. He volunteered for service in the National Guard. Since he was a pilot, that required a bit of skill involved. No matter how good his dad’s connections are, they’re worth nothing in the air.

“Going AWOL.” Well, the National Guard is a Reserve force and, as such, folks’ “real lives” sometimes interfere with the scheduled weekend drills, etc. That’s why there are these nifty little things called regulations which cover absences. You’re also conveniently forgetting that National Guard units were subject to call-up and some did transfer, as units, to Vietnam.

“So nice to the Saudis.” Last time I checked, we’re not at war with any of our allies. Go figure.

And, yes, it is incumbent on the person making the allegation of someone’s criminal activity to provide proof of that. It is not incumbent upon the target to provide counterproof.

Thank you Monty… I’ve always heard people talking about how The Prez was “gotten a cush position stateside by his father”.


C’mon folks, you can’t just make a claim like that here without backing it up.